N7000 for retouching and fixing?


Hey my lovelies. How you been?

I have been okay. Service is going great. There is so much to learn. I’m learning discipline, character, perseverance, patience, trusting in God implicitly. All in all, it is a good experience for which I am truly grateful. I am learning daily to cast my cares on God. He alone can bear them anyways and so far, He has been doing just that. I really cannot complain.

I know I have a bit quiet on this blog lately. Ok, I need to explain. My brother borrowed my Starcomms internet dongle and has only just returned it after an extended period and I don’t feel comfortable blogging at work. This is why I have been quite for so long. But glory be to God, I have finally wrestled it off him so I’m back on board now. Even yesterday on FB, I could not stop commenting on people’s pictures and statuses. It feels good to have an internet connection that has not blocked off Facebook and Twitter.

This weekend was one I just want to thank God for. First, I thank God for protection for my family members and myself. It could have only been God who saw us through and and for this, I am grateful. Glory be to God. All is well. Everyone is doing great. On Friday, my friend was celebrating her birthday and so she decided to go to Reeds in Ikoyi. At first, I contemplated going thinking it would be harmlsss but being my grandmama self, I decided otherwise. Anything that would make me be out by 10pm has to be a very critical thing. My friends are getting fed up of me. Apparently, they think I’m too much of an introvert and they always have to drag me out of my house. I though I was fun person. Sigh. Well, my idea of fun is going to the cinema after work or just chilling with a few friends. I don’t club. I hate loud music. I hate being in a gathering where people are smoking. I think smoking in enclosed places should be made illegal in Nigeria. I like chilling. I wont go out of my way to have ‘fun’. Sitting on my bed watching old movies or reading is fun enough.

On Saturday, I decided to take out my Ghana weaving which had started chopping off my front hair. Then I walked to this new salon in front of the house. It was not just a salon but also had a spa, nail studio etc so in my head, I knew it might end up being pricey. I went in and met a lovely interior, very classy. My head was telling me, ‘Temi this place is not for small children oh.’ But I carried on. ‘Good afternoon, please, I’d like to retouch my hair and then fix my weave’. ‘Good afternoon, madam, do you have your relaxer’, one person responded. ‘Yes, I do’. ‘Ok, that would be N7, 000’. Hahahahhaha! What a joke! I just smiled and said bye. What on earth?! 7K!!! Naija never ceases to amaze me. And this salon was totally empty on a Saturday at 1pm!!! Now I knew why. I ended up going to another salon called Dominion near the gate and paid N2500. Abeg, I’m no Ijebu but I shant throw money away because im trying to do big girl. The hair I made looks good, the hairdresser was very courteous and I also changed my nail polish so there you go.

Now to an issue that is bothering me…those on my BB would have learned that the month of May was supposed to be my lose-a-dress-size month. Well, it wasn’t. I ended up gaining weight and I hate it! At work, I take at least 2 cups of hot drink-one coffee, one tea and I snack a lot. All these have contributed to my weight gain and I’m not pleased one bit. I have decided to take my problem to God in prayer. Nothing too small for Him to handle. Please if you have any nuggets of wisdom on how to shed weight, drop a comment (no starvation tips please).

I have to go now. Will drop by shortly. Have a lovely week. I pray that in this new dispensation in Nigeria, our leaders will have the good of the nation at the top of their priority. I pray for healing for Sean Kingston who is presently fighting for his life after a jet ski accident in Miami.

God bless,


This past weekend…


Hey guys,

What it do! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I had a pretty okay one  and I intend to give you guys a brief summary of how it went. So on Friday, I went for the Singles Meeting at City of David. You see, as much as I’m into relationship blogging and I’m so mushy about a good marriage tale and all, I’m not really into all these singles’ meetings. I don’t know why. Maybe because I fear it makes one look desperate. I’d rather stock up on books, tapes, CDs and DVDs on teachings on relationships than actually attend one.

Anyways, a colleague at work invited me and I thought kini big deal? It’s a Friday evening, let’s go. So I got there and it turned out to be everything I feared it would be-Agony Aunt kinda thing: ‘The girl I like wants me to buy her a car, girls are greedy, yuys are cheaters…’ type of thing. It was very interactive, which is supposed to be a good thing but it just wasn’t my scene.

Okay, lemme explain myself well. If I must go for a singles’ meeting, I’d rather it be one of those ones where there’s a proper preaching/teaching, like the ones in Jesus’ House when Dr. Okey Onuzo speaks to us about marriage, gives all these anecdotes that makes it all so interesting.

Anyways, to cut the sermon on the mount short, I left before it ended. Got home and just chilled.

On Saturday, as usual no light. I was nursing a flu too so it was bad being hot as well. My lovely childhood friend came over to say hi and it was so wonderful catching up. We went to the pharmacy together and I got this medicine that knocked me right off.  At about 7pm, another friend came over and we went for karaoke which was really interesting. I sang my lungs out, lol.

Then came Sunday. I go to TPH which is literally 2 minutes’ drive from the house but yestersay, we had a combined service at the Eko Hotel because Myles Munroe was in town. It was indeed a beautiful service. Praise and worship was AMAZING. They were almost as good as my choirs in Sheffield and Coventry..almost, lol. They sang songs that my choir master in Coventry loves to sing-in the order he likes to sing them. It was so good. Then came Lara George. She sang  Komasi and Ijoba Orun. OMD!!! I was in heaven. She sounds even better live and trust me, in music, that is a big deal.

Then came one lady who sang Chinwe Ike with the choir. Chei!!! God and the hosts of heaven must have been on their feet with goosebumps all over their skins. It was great. Kinda reminded me of my girl, Tomi of when she sings. So much passion.

The highlight of the entire service in my opinion was this short documentary that was shown to us  about the work of TPH through one of its expressions, God Bless Nigeria Church. It was about a Bukky-who is a drug addict-addicted to crack cocaine, heroine etc. My mouth was wide open all through! Without doubt, I know people take these narcotics in Naij. But I thought it was just the rich who could afford such. I thought poor people had to settle for weed and ogogoro. But how wrong was I! These women were shown injecting themselves with heroine, snorting cocaine. Asked how she funds what must be a very expensive habit, she revealed that during the day, she disguises herdelf as a pregnant woman and then begs for money. In a day, her proceeds from begging range between 8k and 10k. At night, she adorns herself and gets on the street to hawk her body. She sleeps with men for 50 -500 naira. Yes, you read me right-50 naira!

The church has managed to rehabilitate her though it was not a painless process (withdrawal  and all) but there are still loads of other Bukkys out there in this Lagos in this Nigeria in this world.

I just want to encourage us to remember these people in our prayers, alms and help. You don’t have to give them money directly as they may will use it for drugs but you can sponsor a rehab centre. If you are one of those who would rather help those who you believe didn’t bring the problems upon themselves, why not assist an orphanage, school for the visually impaired, etc. I think this is true Christianity. It is not only about, ‘God bless me and my family’, it is about reaching out to the less-able in our immediate societies. It is also good to actually visit these places once in a while, it is a humbling experience that keeps you grounded and reminds you of all the good you are enjoying even when you don’t think you are.

Just thought to give you guys a little gist of how my weekend went.

God bless you all and have a fulfilling week ahead.

PS: I will blog on Dr Myles’ preaching soon. It was really interesting and eye-opening.

That’s all folks (for now)


Oh dear!/The four Meme


 Let’s start with the ‘Oh dear’ bit first:

Oh dearie dear!!! You see, I pride myself on being a very cautious, careful, relatively calm individual who does not like taking stupid risks. I’d rather err on the side of caution than do ‘over sabi’. Well, I think I might have just made a slight mistake. I call my colleagues and bosses by their first names (because we were asked to do this and I see others do it too). Apparently, I’m been a bit too ‘untraditional’ with my chirpy ‘hi!s’ and ‘hellos’. I have just been nicely corrected never to call my bosses by their names. Always look for a way to avoid calling them altogether and instead say ‘sir/madam’. No matter how Westernised your workplace is, try and remember that we are Africans and respect is the foundational principle on which we pride ourselves, she remarked. I’m grateful for this kind piece of information/warning but mehn, I should have just been careful from the start…

Moving on…So I was blogging/blog reading and I came across this amazing blogger. I have no idea how I missed her all along. I have been hooked on her for some hours now.  She once blogged about ‘The four Meme’ and I thought to do one too. By the way, Dollchic congratulations on your engagement! May God grant you your heart’s desires and may His counsel only stand in your lives. Y’all should visit her blog. She’s a real one.

Here goes…

1. International Office  Ambassador during my undergrad

2. Intern-ish kinda job at a family friend’s Law firm

3. Church office secretary

4. Resident Tutor during masters

1. Lagos
2. Oyo
4. Coventry

1. Desperate Housewives (I’m watching it all over from Season 1-who can tire of watching Gabby)
2. Ugly Betty
3. Prison Break
4. The Good Wife


1. Texas
2. Osun
3. Rome (I must have been 3, but it still counts, right?)
4. NY

1. Temiville.wordpress.com

2.Linda Ikeji
3. Daily Mail
4. BBC News

1. Jollof Rice
2. Fried Rice
3.White Rice
4. Plantain

1. Custard
2. Quaker oats

3. Real/traditional sushi

4. Semovita

1. Coke
2. Fried over–ripened plantain
3. Bolly
4. Cashew nuts

1. Bed
2. Francine Rivers’ The Atonement Child
3. My laptop
4. Shoes

1. My very own decoder to watch what I want when I want
2. A floor to ceiling mirror (yeah, judge me)
3. A desk and chair to read
4. Cant think of a fourth –im a content lady hehehe

1. A peach frilly top
2. Knee length black skirt which I fear might appear short ‘cause I’m a tall one

3. Small  belt

4. Flat shoes (couldn’t be bothered with heels this morning so I left them in the car)

1. Shopping at the Bull Ring
2. I think I’m fine here at work, really
3. See 2
4. See 3

1. Oh shoot, I have been calling people by their first names ‘cause I was told that this is a ‘relaxed’ environment but now, someone has just advised me that no matter how relaxed the environment is proclaimed to be, tradition is tradition and I really have no business calling a lady clearly in her late forties by her first name.
2. How can I stab CD this week?

3. Should I call?
4. I need to start this low/no carb diet today or else my waistline will begin protest plus I want to start being more edgy in my dressing

1. Hanging out with friends
2. Books
3. Singing
4. Shoes and clothes

1. I get emotional easily and I’d wait long before reading a mushy card/text just to brace myself
2. I honestly don’t understand how people sleep through flights. I’m always alert and praying  especially on the local ones.
3. I once hoped to get married at 21. I nursed this dream till I was 20 years and 5 months old
4. I love my own company and will happily stay alone in my room for an entire day, cuddled up under the covers watching movies.

That’s all my good people (for now)


Saheela Ibraheem: An Inspiring youth


Found some interesting news of a 15 year old Nigerian girl who begins her
University education at Harvard this Fall and thought to share with you all.

Read and be inspired.

Many parents dream of their children going to Harvard one day. But one Nigerian girl has actualized the goal of getting into the prestigious university — at 15 years old!

Saheela Ibraheem, of Edison, was also accepted to MIT and 13 other schools, including Princeton and Columbia before settling on Harvard after falling in love with the campus.

Ibraheem skipped two grades and said the key to success is figuring out what you love to learn as early as possible — something she did at age 5.

“If you are passionate about what you do, and I am passionate about most of these things, especially with math and science, it will work out well,” Ibraheem told CBS 2′s Cindy Hsu.

Her mother, Shakirat Ibraheem, said Saheela has been way ahead of the academic game since kindergarten — never cutting corners and trying to do everything on her own.

“She’s like always independent,” the teen’s mother said. “I never get to help with her homework because she’d say ‘it’s my work mommy, not yours.’”

The Harvard-bound teen speaks Arabic, Spanish and Latin. She said she hopes to become a research scientist and study the brain.

Ibraheem’s teachers at The Wardlaw-Hartridge School said their student was an old soul.

“I believe that she’s 15 years old, because I’m told that. But other than that I have a hard time,” Jim O’Halloran said.

In addition to academics, Ibraheem plays the trombone, softball and soccer. Despite her activities, Ibraheem said her number one priority was her family. Her 7-year-old brother Saleem was her biggest cheerleader when it came to picking a college.

“I was really psyched because she got into a great school and I wanted to go to Harvard, too,” her brother said.

As far as Ibraheem’s advice for her fellow aspiring students?

“Kids should try to listen to their parents most of the time. They know what they’re doing,” she said.

Culled from CBS

I think this is absolutely fantastic news. Well impressive. All the best to her!




Hi people,
Happy New Month to you all (it’s not so new but oh well!). This post is just to let you all know that I am alive and well. A number of people have been bb-ing and emailing me to ask wassup with my blog. Well blame it on work. Blame in Lagos life.
Living and working in Nigeria has made it a bit hard for me to sit down and concentrate. Plus, I love to blog about what’s going on in my life but then again, it’s all work work work and I really doubt that you would be very interested in it. Hence, my silence. Plus, I’m yet to renew my Starcomms subscription-I’m turn between MTN and Starcomms. So for a few days, I have been depending solely on BB and office internet.
I miss blogging. I miss high internet speed. I miss watching Nollywood movies on YouTube. I miss a whole lot of things. I am happy to be in Nigeria though. It’s a very different kinda experience and I’m looking forward to life here and what God has in store for me.
I’m at work but thought to steal a few minutes to let y’all know I’m still very much around. Before I go, I want to open up two debates. The first is a real life drama whilst the other is from the recent Genevieve movie, ‘Tango with me’.
Real Life:
Tola joined a firm in VI three weeks ago. The very day she started work, her co-worker, Wole went out of his way to make her feel welcome. She thought he was just being friendly and so when he asked for her bb pin she did not hesitate to give him. That turned out to be a mistake. Two days after she started, he went on leave for 2 weeks. Throughout his leave, he bombarded her with messages of how he had fallen in love with her and wanted them to date. Like what the actual hell?!!!

Now, I understand the principle of catching them young but this is just ludicrous. I have seen his chats with her. She ignores his messages constantly so they show ‘R’ which means they have been read. Yet, as if her lack of interest in him is not clear enough, he keeps pinging her endlessly.
How would you advise her? Should she ignore the incidents, delete him and just be civil to him upon his return or should she call him out, warning him never to try such again? How would you act?
My friend and I went to see ‘Tango with me’ last week. When I saw the poster and all, I thought it was going to be a fun, romantic movie. How wrong could I have been! It was a very intense movie-right from the start. I’ll give you enough information not to spoil it for those who are yet to see it:

Lola and Uzo are the perfect couple, their newly married life in front of them. All is well until the happiest day of their lives became the worst. Lola gets raped on her wedding day and becomes pregnant with the violator’s offspring. Uzo insists on her aborting it. She thinks that would be a sin that makes her just as bad as her rapist. She keeps the child. Uzo freaks out and refuses to have anything to do with her. Their marriage hits the rocks.
Now, what do you think she should have done differently, if anything? Was it right for her to keep the child of a rapist? NB: She was a virgin and was raped in the hotel on her wedding night. She and her husband had never consummated the marriage? Was Uzo right in freaking out and becoming mean to her? Was she insensitive to him?
Share your thoughts…

Random Gist:
I’m watching Big Brother Africa and that has been quite interesting so far. There are two Nigerian representatives-one is fone speaking and has said she does not speak pidgin. Her name is Vina and here she is:

The other is brash and loud  (has loadsa piercings, about 10 tattoos and has had a breast augmentation). She is Karen

Should be fun!

Anyways, that is all people for now. Have a lovely weekend!


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