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Hi people,

Howdy? A few people such as IBK have asked about my lifestyle change and I want to share it with you all in this post. The key each day is that I must use more than what I take in. This means I must use up more calories than I eat. That was the cause of this whole weight gain in Bwari. I mean, from crazy Lagos driving, working in a busy Law firm, going up and down, I found myself in a place where it was from my room to class to mammy to eat and back to my room. And yet, I ate the same portions I would eat during my days of having a tight and busy schedule in Lagos. My body, for the reduced work it was doing, certainly didn’t need so much food anymore. In order to maintain my weight, I should have cut my food by a quarter and in order to lose weight, by a half. Anyways, all that is neither here nor there. The issue is what am I doing  NOW to deal with the situation.

Well, I start my day with 2 cups of water. I’ve read that drinking ice cold water first thing in the morning is an easy way to speed up your metabolism. Right when you wake up, drink a glass or two of cold water. Your body will have to warm up the water entering your system, which means increasing your metabolism in the process. It’s a simple step to add into your daily routine that, while not a miracle cure, can certainly contribute to your other weight loss efforts (

I LOVE coffee!

At about 8 am, I have my cup of coffee with less sugar and milk than I would normally use (don’t bother advising me against coffee- the name of my blog should be instructive in this regard :p). That carries me till about 11am when I have king size portion of fruits- I love pawpaws because the sugar content in them is low and they are so filling and have great effects on the skin.

So I have what will equate to 2 N50 slices of hard pawpaws. By 4:00/4:30, I am ready for what will end up being my only meal of the day. I still eat rice, yam but very reduced portions. So my plate has less whites and more colors. I have vegetables with my meal and drink loads of water. I have little portions of nuts during the day as my snack. At 8/9, I have more fruits and that’s it!

This is different from when I’d starve myself or skip meals. Now I always feel filled but I’m now filled with the right stuff that is good for me. My portions are small but not so small that I’d be craving another meal in a few hours.

I believe this kinda diet is sustainable. I also do a lot of housework that gets me sweating. I was sweeping and mopping yesterday and sweating like no man’s business. I’m not so great with the gym and always waste my membership so I have to figure out how to make diet work . I also pray to God for strength. I have reduced my Coke intake and have more water instead.

I have also stopped checking the scales every time or expecting tight clothes to automatically be free. I’m okay with the change taking two months to start being apparent remembering that my weight gain took a whole 3 months to build up. I have 4 inches to lose all over. So my waist needs to go back to 27 etc. Right now, clothes are fitting better and I feel better within. The changes are small but I celebrate them. If I can get back to my pre-Bwari size by the end of December 2012, I shall be a happy bunny. I also watch loads of weight loss videos on YouTube for inspiration. Check this one out:

Do you guys have any additional tips to share?


Tiffany is Britain’s Next Top Model!





Finally! After months of patiently waiting and partly enjoying Cycle 6 of BNTM, a winner has emerged- 18 year old Tiffany Pisani! I like Tiffany. I think she takes amazing photos and is FIRE on the catwalk but my main issue is with the fact that it was up to the public and not the experienced judges to pick a winner. This is not X factor where at the end of the day, it is the public who vote that will end up buying records and paying to see their faves in concerts. This fashion, HIGH fashion. So I really think the final decision should not have been placed in the hands of the public. Top Model is not a popularity contest. And by the way,  what exactly was Joy doing in the top 3?


Tiff, Alisha and Joy


Anyway, all in all, I think this cycle was just there. To be fair, I have never seen any BNTM before. I have restricted my Top Model watching to nothing but the original (no one does is better than Tyra!) but I decided to give it a go and see how it will turn out. My worst fears were semi-realised.  I felt there was waaaaay to much nudity going on. Don’t get me wrong-I understand that this is fashion, modelling, etc and the girls knew what they were signing up for, but based on the standards of ANTM which I have grown accustomed to, certain parts of the bodies should have been blurred out. Also, I found that episode where there were male models and 2 of the girls had to fool around with the male models a bit obscene. It just doesn’t happen on ANTM (my yardstick). I also felt there was a bit cruelty going on with the -5 degree  photoshoot. That was EXTREME! But the girls took it quite well.

Of all the girls here are my five best models these season:

ALISHA: I loved her modelling. I loved her humour. The girl cracked me up every time.


Love this picture of her!


CHARLOTTE: I think she is absolutely AMAZING. She is so funny as well. Also, she took the jibe by Julien/Julian McDonald about being too fat quite well.


Loved her more when she spoke than when she modelled, to be honest. lol


TIFFANY: She won. Need I say more?




AMELIA: I think is really quirky 🙂

KIRSTY: Granted, Kirsty was over-confident but I hink she left too early. She modelled well through out and I think the only reason she got the boot so early on is ’cause of her attitude.




So there you have it-my little opinion on BNTM. I’m not too certain I shall watch the next one. This one wasn’t too impressive so I guess I’ll be sticking to my good ol’ ANTM…’Wanna be on Top Top Top Top….’ Cycle 15 is on!!! I’ll be blogging about it soon…

Here is a picture of my fave (for now): ANN



Tiniest waste ever and she's 6 3!!!




She's won best photo 3 times in a row!!!


That’s all folks (for now).


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