How could she?!


Segun had been on my case for at least 2 years.

I met him one hot Saturday as I was waiting for a taxi on Grogner Street in Iwaya, Onike. He pulled over and  asked where I was headed. I don’t ever talk to people on the road but this day, the look of the mist on the window of his air conditioned car made it difficult to ignore him given the extreme heat I was exposed to.

I stepped into his car, grateful for the ride, yet determined to let him know I was no cheap girl that jumps into available cars.

“Thank you so much, Sir, for the ride. I normally wouldn’t do this but I have been standing outside in the sun for at least 30 minutes. The cabs come in trickles and are either taken or too expensive. No one is interested in going my way”

“Where might that be?” He asked, totally ignoring every other thing I had said.

“I’m going to Ikota but I’ll drop off once we get to any major road where I can find a cab”.

“You’re in luck. I’m actually going to VGC but I need to get to Surulere first. So I can either drop you off at a taxi park or you accompany me to Surulere and then I drop you off at your doorstep.”

Inasmuch as I was so eager not to overuse help being rendered, I opted for the latter option. I was in no hurry whatsoever to go my empty home. Mom and dad were on their way to Ikene for a week long engagement and my younger siblings were all in school. My best friend, Mololu had kindly volunteered to spend the week with me but she would not be  getting to mine until Sunday night so that meant I’d be spending Saturday night by myself with only Larry, the dog and Mustafa, the gate man, for company.

I looked at my wristwatch, with its recently cracked screen and declared,

“Well, it’s just 1.00 and I’m not in a hurry so I’ll go with you”.

I got to meet him properly. His name is Segun, a businessman who was into the oil and gas sector. He had been working for himself in Libya before moving to Nigeria  earlier that year. The Nigerian side of his business was only just growing and was already facing major challenges but a meeting he had in Abuja two weeks from our meeting would determine if a major stumbling block would be removed and his license would be granted.  He saw an RCCG band on my wrist and asked me to pray along with him. I promised to.

As he dropped me off at about 4pm that Saturday evening, I felt like I knew him already. Segun was very chatty, divulging a lot so quickly. During those hours we spent together, I also found out that he has a 5 year old daughter by a white French girl he dated all through his university years in France. The lady had gone on to marry another Nigerian and they lived in Port Harcourt with his daughter, Amélie. His dad was long gone and his mom had raised him and his siblings by herself. I did what I do not ever do. I gave him my phone numbers and my pin and from there, we became friends.

The problem with Segun was with his way of showing concern and love. My primary love language is Quality Time and I’m not really the type to get all mushy too early. So it came as a bit of a rude shock to me when I received my first “love you baby”, 2 weeks from the day we met. I really didn’t know what to make of the message and it abruptly ended our chat as I did not respond. To be fair to him, I assumed he was simply overjoyed as he was granted all necessary permits we prayed for, that he spoke out of turn.

About four hours after, at 1 am, I got another message from him telling me how much he’s so into me and how he feels like he has finally found what he had been looking for and if I would be okay being a second mom to his daughter and how he wants me to meet his mom. I read it and responded with a “BRB”. Later in the day, we met up for a meal and then I explained how, though I appreciate his feelings, it was all too soon for me and I would appreciate if I am given a bit more time to be on that kind of level with him. In the meanwhile, I suggested that we remain friends. He looked a bit disappointed but accepted and declared that he was in no hurry and would wait for me however long it took me to realise my feelings for him or develop them.

Segun was extremely generous to me, almost worryingly so. Once he travelled and brought me an orange Hermès’ Birkin 40cm bag which retails for about $2000. I was shocked and despite loving nice stuff, I didn’t want to take it from him initially but I eventually did mentioning it to him that he really didn’t need to spend that much on me and he should focus more on growing his business.

Mololu usually saw one Harrods or Neiman Marcus shopping bag or the other and was always encouraging me to “stop fronting and say yes to Segun before a sharp girl does”. I guess because of the manner in which he approached me, it made me a bit overly cautious since this his asking out was more like a proposal and he seemed so sure of his feelings for me. I slowed things down a lot and outrightly refused to meet his mom for the first three months. I didn’t want to get carried away at all and kept praying and taking things slow. Despite our living so close to each other, I hardly went to his and since I come from a relatively strict home, his visits were sparing as well (of my doing).

About six months after we met, work commitments took him away from Nigeria for a long while. During that period, he would come to Nigeria at least once a month, bombarding me with all manners of gifts. Even when he was not around, he’d randomly have flowers delivered to my office.

He would send handwritten letters by DHL and whenever anyone was travelling to Nigeria, he would have them deliver something to me, however small. There was a time he sent me a bottle of Lucozade because I had lamented that the Nigerian one tasted different. When it came to giving, Segun was without fault. But in my opinion, there was more to consider than how generous a man is.

Sometime, five months ago, Mololu was sent to England for a training to last 3 weeks and she used the opportunity to shop and ended up having 2 extra boxes. She complained over the phone to me telling me the airline was overcharging her and then, partly because I felt it right to help and partly because I had ordered somethings which she was bringing for me, I decided to ask Segun if he could help out since I know he always travelled light and never uses the extra allowance granted to him. He accepted to help bring the extra boxes and I gave her his hotel address to drop them off a day before her flight. He was due in Nigeria a week and half after.

My suspicion was first roused when, upon his arrival, he took the bags to Mololu’s in Ogudu, instead of as I expected, bringing it to me and having us sort ourselves out. I asked for the favour. I mentioned to him that my stuff was included in the box so it came as a surprise to me when he drove all the way to hers the next day to drop the boxes off. When I asked him why he did that, he said the boxes were quite heavy and that he was going that way and decided to drop them off. I had more questions but felt since I was not his girlfriend, there is a limit to the questions I can pose without looking funny. My pride got in the way and I decided not to mention it anymore.

The calls reduced. The texts were shorter. The usual “love you” closing went missing. ‘Mololu too reduced her communication with me. Then one day, she drove to mine and after lunch asked the most random question, ‘Are you and Segun in a relationship?”. She looked like she had struggled to ask that question but at the same time,  as though that was her aim for coming to mine.

“Why do you ask?”

“Nothing at all o. Just wondering ’cause you have known him for a while and you said you were praying a while back for direction and was wondering if maybe God said no since you are not dating him”, she mumbled.

“Omololu, did I say we are not dating?”

“Oh sorry. But I kinda know you are not”

At this stage, I know she and Segun must have spoken about our relationship status and so I decided to cut to the chase.

“Did Segun mention it to you himself?”

She looked down and playing with her perfectly manicured nails, said yes. I had noticed she brought a brand new car to mine with a new plate number. She had the black of my Hermes bag too. Wow! I didn’t want to believe what I know just had to be the truth. It was written all over her face. I don’t know where I got the strength but I said not a word after that. Awkwardly, she picked up her bag and car keys. I noticed then it was a Hyundai. It must be the Sonata she always wanted ever since it was released last year. She would always point at every 2011 Sonata she saw on the road and say she’d one day, get it.

To cut the very long tale short, my best friend Omololu and my 2 year old toaster are now together. Segun drove to mine 2 weeks after Omololu did and said somethings to me. He first of all apologised. He said he was not sorry for moving on but sorry that it had to be someone I knew simply because of the sake of his consideration of my feelings and not because it was wrong. He said, as I never for once, declared any form of feelings for him during our almost 2 year friendship, he does not feel he had wronged me in any way. He said he would always be grateful for meeting me as, through me, a door of everlasting joy had been opened to him and he would like my blessing as he walks into it. I was weak.

To be honest, I’m not hundred percent certain which hurts more, the fact that I’m losing a really nice and eligible suitor, that I lost him to a ‘friend’, the sneaky way it happened or the fact that I almost executed the deed for them by creating an enabling environment.

I really wanted to know how it all happened and so I demanded the tale, not from Mololu, but from Segun himself. He told me that the week before he travelled, when he saw her at mine, they had got talking whilst I was in the bathroom and she had mentioned she would be off on training and that she would be doing crazy shopping for her new apartment. They had a few ‘moments’ that day but they did not exchange numbers. It was the day she brought the bags to his hotel that the sparks went flying. She had gotten to his hotel at about 12 noon and they went to out together and he dropped her off at her hotel at about 9pm. Early the next morning,  at about 5 am, he drove down to her hotel to take her to the airport himself and from their journey, they got even closer. According to him, he knew that morning that he was ‘home’. That conversation sounded painfully familiar and I couldn’t help my grimace. At that juncture, I held up my hands and told him I was satisfied with the information he furnished and that they both have my blessing. He hugged me and left.

That evening, Omololu updated her status with these words “Those that wait on the Lord will rejoice. I rejoice. Behold, my Boaz!”. His picture was her DP. I remember that picture. I took it with his iPhone whilst trying out an app. Each day, a new picture of him would be put on display. There was even one of herself, Segun and his daughter. She had firmly ingrained herself in his life.

Due to how serious I know Segun is, it came as no shock to me when she told me they were getting married and she really wanted me to be her chief bridesmaid though if I felt I could not do it, she would understand. According to her, she was doing that for the friendship we once shared which she hoped we could revive. I refused. But not before letting her know that I could be counted on if she needed any assistance.

At about 12 midnight, I got this email from her,

“Sweetheart, I love you. God knows I do. I apologise for how I might have hurt you but despite all, I would be a liar to say I would or could elect to do things differently if given a second chance.

Oluwasegun has brought me the type of joy I thought was only for the fairy tales. But through him, I have my very own fairy tale. I love him with all my being. I know I might come across as insensitive and selfish. I am sorry. But please, try and find a place in your kind heart to let go of any hurt you might be experiencing and enter into a place of happiness for me, Omololu, your sister and best friend since our Corona days. It should not be heard that we are fighting over a man and remember, my darling, you never were in a relationship with Segun.

You never took the plunge, you shielded your heart from hurt and refused to commit to anything. I know you babes. When you truly love a man, you have no time for such long due diligence exercises. If you want to be sincere with yourself, you would admit that Segun never did anything to your heart. Your heart did not skip beats with the sound of his voice. Your body never quivered with the touch of his hands. I understand you two never even kissed. You clearly never felt love for him.

However, I cannot discount the friendship you shared. Till date, he still goes on and on about how you are the only friend whose loss moved him to his core. I can testify too of your level of regard of your friendship and respect for him. But my dear, friendship and respect are not solid foundation enough upon which to construct a marriage. You knew this and this is why you stalled. What did not grow in 2 years would most likely never grow.

I hope you understand that the aim of this email is not to throw in your face the fact that Oluwasegun and yourself never had anything concrete but to let you take a proper, honest and dispassionate look at goings on. If you do, forgiving me would come, naturally.

I can’t stop loving you dear. I am sad that the vow we made to each other 16 years ago to be each others’ maids of honour even if one got married first would not be fulfilled. Please, re-examine your heart and find a place in it to forgive me.

Yours now and always,


The tears came pouring down. I couldn’t say exactly why and they were not asking. I felt sorry for myself. I felt sad because I really wasn’t crazy about Segun but we could have made it work, I guess. Omololu now was benefitting from all the prayers I invested in Segun, all the fasting. That, more than anything hurt me. I would have married Segun. I just needed him to pass one more test and voila, I’d have said yes to him. I never thought he’d stop loving me. I never though I’d lose him and certainly not to my friend, my supposed best friend.


I eventually decided to be her Chief Bridesmaid and muster strength to be happy for her. There was no faking the look of intense joy on her face when I told her I changed my mind. She jumped on me in her usual boisterous fashion, laughing and crying at the same time.

God has been helping me. It has been hard. Especially when I see the look on Segun’s face as he looks at her. He never looked at me that way, I must confess.

His business has been doing greatly and he is sparing nothing for his wedding. His daughter, upon Omololu’s request, will be both the little bride and the flower girl. Omololu’s nephew will be the ringbearer. Her Eli Saab dress is absolutely beautiful. Segun flew us both to England to get it. She asked for a size bigger and I suspect she is pregnant.

With each day, the feeling of hurt and betrayal gets slowly taken over by happiness for her and hope for my own future. I still haven’t met anyone worth reporting on and despite this, I have joy. Not happiness, but joy; joy that all will turn out well. But for now, I still can’t help from asking myself each time I look at Omololu, ‘How could she?!


Ok, MCLA readers, what are your views on this situation?

-Would you accuse Omololu of being a conniving, scheming friend? Or would you blame the writer for being a slow person who forgot that time waits for no man and who possibly had started taking Segun for granted? Or should we lay the blame at Segun’s feet, the slimy bastard who had the nerve to move from one girl to her best friend? Or is there really anyone to blame? Could it not be argued, and successfully too, that when love takes over, restraint is hard, if not impossible, to practise and maybe, as Omololu stated in her letter, Segun was never destined to be with her friend?

-Do you support long periods of ‘fronting’ or as some term it, due diligence/waiting on God’s approval? How long is too long for a girl to keep a guy hanging?

-Also, the issue is raised on the appropriateness or not of a guy coming on strong and speaking of marriage early on thereby making a girl overly careful and scared to say yes.

-I also see the matter of getting your friend close to your man or potential man. How close is too close? Was the writer silly in giving them that opportunity to start something or would it have happened anyway?

-There is also the issue of being a good nice girl who would not accept anything (gifts etc.) from a guy as you want to build things together and do not want to appear to be using him and then along comes ‘Sisi Nene’ who takes whatever she is offered, sometimes even demsnding,  and dude keeps loving her deeper and deeper.

These are a few of the issues I identified. Do you see more? What are your thoughts?

Muse with me!


Waiting on God


Hello people,

How are ya? It’s been a really lovely weekend for me. Yes, I’m adding Monday and Tuesday to my weekend days though there was work on Monday for me. I saw movies on Friday (yep movieS-two of them (MIB3-total let-down and Dark Shadows-ok) to wait out the traffic. I went with a friend for his friend’s event and then another friend of his proceeded to pull my cheek as soon as we were introduced. I was livid but tried hard to contain and mask my irritation. Who does that? How can you be pulling someone’s cheeks? I’m genuinely confused. I understand that Children’s Day was just around the corner but odindin 5 9″ frame mi, getting cheek-pulled by a total stranger?! I didn’t like that one bit. I do know that I have cute come-pull-me cheeks but I’d appreciate a little bit of self restraint when we meet. Cheers *eyelashes*.

Ok, now to today’s post. I read this absolutely interesting post about a girl who had done absolutely all to get a man. I mean, she’d gone from church to church, attended events, started watching football, played manly games, all in a bid to pull a guy, all to no avail. Finally, she meets her dream man who was all the while, her next door neighbour! Her reaction when he proposed was totally hilarious. Read the story here:

Now, I have met a number of girls who do not miss any event. They always have this ‘this could be the day’ mindset and make sure they attend everything they get invited to, sometimes, even inviting themselves. They turn out looking dressed to murder. Short dress-check; sky high heels-check; hair-check; nails-check; bag-check. They are not hard to miss, according to my brother. You see them prancing around during the event, phone in hand, just in case ‘he bumps into her and they need to exchange pins’. They are and look desperate and desperate people make mistakes.

Desperate people are easy prey because desperation gives off a certain odour that is easily recognisable by a predator. I, honestly, do not see what the rush is about. It’s not about how quickly you marry but what you make of your marriage really. So instead of trying so hard to meet a guy why not spend time building yourself? You see 25 year olds who are not sure which direction their careers are heading worrying about when they’ll marry or why the guy they are dating has failed to propose. We forget: even after saying your vows, whatever problems you left unattended will still be there waiting for you when you get home. Only difference is they might have multiplied.

Now that’s not to say going out with the intention of meeting people is bad o no, but I think the emphasis, especially as a lady, should not be so much on looking like honey but being honey (if you get what I mean). On a random note though, how do people “meet people” in random short-term places like weddings, events, etc? I just don’t get. To the best of my memory’s limit, I have never met any guy that way. I would never give you my number, I would probably not even leave my seat to mingle so unless by Cupid’s doing, we are seated right beside each other, no chance! Anyways, different people have their area of gifting. Mine is certainly not mingling and mixing with new crowd. I just (usually) do not.

I think in the process of waiting, try and genuinely have a great time. Read books that build you up, read books on marriages, read books on people’s stories in marriage (the good, the bad and the ugly), read up on domestic violence and how some women AND men failed to see or accept the signs that they were about to fall into the hands of an abuser. Pray hard. Fast. Listen to your parents. They know more and love you enough to ensure you do not go astray. When you do meet someone (’cause you will…eventually), don’t go idolising him or her. Be nice, be good. Don’t make them pay for your ex’s crimes and wrongdoings but by all means, DO NOT act like you’ve just met Mr. or Miss The One so much that you forget to keep watching and praying.

If it works out and you do get married, keep watching and praying and being the best spouse you can be. If it doesn’t work out and he cheats, breaks up with you, starts dating your best friend, let it go and move on. Don’t act like your life is over, ’cause it really is not. God just helped you dodge a bullet. Think back on the relationship and do some self-analysis. Where you went wrong, learn and determine not to go that route again and for the things that went wrong due to no fault of yours, dust it off and let it go. Don’t slag off your ex. It gets so tempting to. Sometimes you will. But try and make a conscious effort not to. Remember, YOU chose him/her.

Paul urges us to be content in any circumstance we are in (Philippians 4:11). This cannot be done except by the power of God at work in our lives. In our natural, carnal state, we are simply not capable of having peace and serenity when things in our life seem so uncertain. However, through Christ, we are able to have peace, the type that defies understanding. Isaiah 49:23 says “They shall not be ashamed who wait for me.” I believe this means that although our patience on the Lord’s timing may seem foolish to those around us, and even to ourselves at times, God has assured us that we will not be put to shame by waiting on Him. What a relief! His Word also tells that those who “wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” (Isaiah 40:31).

Like my older married friends would say, enjoy your singleness, serve God as much possible, do stuff, go to the beach with friends, have as much alone time as you can get because a time is coming when all these might become luxury.

You that would usually have just yourself to worry about now have to add on a husband and child. Back in school, you eat when you want and when you are feeling lazy, it’s Indomie or you sleep like that, now you cannot, you have to get up and sort something out. You can’t expect your brothers and parents to sort stuff out for you anymore, you’ll be a full fledged adult *goosebumps*.

So inasmuch as marriage does have its really amazing sides which I TERRIBLY look forward to, I’ve made up my mind to absolutely enjoy my days as Miss Temiville and I strongly advise that all other single ladies AND gentlemen too join me in this resolve. And that my, beautiful people, is the end of my rant. I have much more to say, but I shall save it for another day.

Have a lovely week ahead (what’s left of it).


In search of a house


Hey guys!

How was the weekend? Mine was aight. I slept all through Saturday and after Church on Sunday, visited a couple of friends. Really lovely catching up with them.

A dear friend sent this to me. He thought to share his house hunting experience with people. Apparently, looking for apartments can be hellish! He has finally found a lovely place on the Island now and though I have not been there, I hear it’s amazing.



My name is Neddy. I am a Legal Practitioner and I work in a law firm on the Island. Before moving to my current office, I used to work in a law firm on the Mainland (Surulere). It was convenient therefore for me to live on the Mainland (Ikeja) at that time. Having changed location, it became imperative for me to change the location of my residence. Further thereto, in January of this year I took a decision to search for an apartment.

My initial preferred locations were Surulere and Gbagada. Before now, I have never had reason to look for accommodation in Lagos and so it was not surprising that I was at sea as to whom and where to start from. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I have several colleagues who, in addition to their law practice, are involved in the business of real estate. I contacted a few of them and they in turn referred me to several estate agents.

I contacted Mr. Akpan in Surulere and he sounded very helpful on the phone. We then agreed to meet.I visited his office and he insisted that I fill out a form and pay a consultation fee of N3, 000.00. I was initially shocked but he explained, to my satisfaction, that the money will enable him make necessary contacts of available properties in the area. He further explained that until I paid the money, he was not going to take me around for inspection of the available properties suitable to my needs. I paid the money and he, there and then, made a few calls after which we commenced inspection.

He took me to a property off Itire road:two blocks of 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom flats. However, the gentleman at the gate informed us that the all the apartments had been rented out. Another property around stadium area suffered the same fate. We were told that the property had been rented out. At this point, I sought to know whether Mr. Akpan was indeed up –to- date with his information on his property list as I did not understand why we had to visit properties only to be told that they had been rented out. I wondered if there was not a better way of getting to know whether or not a property was available for rent.

At another date, we inspected two properties, both in Surulere and we encountered the same experience.. He tried to explain to me that looking for a house in Lagos was not an easy task. Yes, I agree. But considering the time and energy I had expended to move around inspecting properties (believing that these were available for rent) only to be told that they had been rented out, I was clearly flustered.

My last experience with Mr. Akpan will remain evergreen. He took me to a decrepit building at Hogan Bassey Street. The surrounding environment was not only dirty but very noisy. So bad was the building that one had to bend downwards to enter the house. I was completely shocked. Mr. Akpan was well aware of my humble status in life and the need for me to live in a decent house. How on earth did he think that I was going to accept to live in that kind of apartment even for free! But I could not blame him. He was desperate to earn a fee (I understand it is 10% commission of the rent payable by the tenant).

I contacted another agent at Anthony Village. Mr. Larry was so inefficient. He was more interested in collecting money from me than looking for a house. All the properties he took me to except one, like my Surulere experience,were occupied. But one amazing thing about Mr. Larry was his insistence on my payment of “transport” fees each time we went for an inspection. “Transport fees’ for futile inspection exercises!

My experience regarding the one property that I was able to see was an interesting one. The Landlady asked me several questions including whether or not I had a girlfriend. She then requested that I submit my personal details so that she could seek guidance from above as to whether or not I was suitable to be her tenant. I am still waiting in joyful hope for her to revert to me on her consultations. This process continued for three months until I contacted an agent in Lekki. After one week of search I eventually secured an apartment at Igbo Egbo. That then is my story of my house search in Lagos.



I know someone who has been searching for a house for almost 3 months and apparently, he has been at it even longer. I really am grateful for my parents’ house and the fact that I’m a girl means it’s from Daddy’s house to husband’s house. I won’t have to live alone and be worrying about these things. I did all that back in school and it was sometimes a nightmare, not so much finding a place as the randomness of the bills. My friend lives alone somewhere in Oniru and has to be worrying about generator, NEPA etc. 😦

Anyways, just thought to share.

Have a blessed week.

PS: I have a fringe/bangs on and I absolutely HATE it! *wailing loudly* The heat is unbearable!!! If not ’cause I never have time, I ‘d have had it taken out. Don’t do a fringe! Learn from my experience!


Been long you saw me :p


Hey my lovelies,

It is with a huge sense of shame (lol) that I type this post. I have no excuses for my hiatus. Actually, I do. Good ones too and yes, I shall bore you with the details thereof.

The past three months have been very interesting for me. I went through some shitty personal stuff in February that really got me low- I mean I was literally taking 10 minute breaks to weep in the toilet! I actually got caught by a colleague doing same on my birthday. Thankfully, I was able to explain it away. I’m sure she did not believe me sha, but oh well! February was the month of transition for me-from corper to worker, from mid 20s to late 20s, from being rigid in my thinking to being a tad more open-minded. It was all too much to take in and deal with sometimes but I thank God who was faithful through it all.

Remember when I was a bit unsure of what to do next? Well, I joined this law firm somewhere in Lagos and had the most amazing experience with them. It was not just about the work (which was great) but about the entirety of my experience there. It was a whole new world where people are friendly, laugh, joke around yet work like their lives depend on it.  It was very different from the MNC where I served where though good, by 6pm, most people would be off. Sleeping in the office for many at this place is commonplace. There is no opening time and there is no closing time. Emails are flying well into the early morning. No one ever says no to a client-the aim is to always find a way to ensure they go away happy.

I looked forward to going to work everyday! I learned so much from working there and the Friday when I said my goodbye after 3 months with them, it was with a really heavy heart. They were no longer like co-workers, they were like a mini extension of my family. All I can say is being there was a healing process for me as well as a period of growth. I’ve moved to another law firm now and it’s been good. I really thank God for the opportunities he has extended my way, for the amazing friends I have made, for the relationships I have built and the thorns He has taken away from my life.

One thing I have learned and I want to share is this: when going through ish in life, don’t try to downplay it or act like it doesn’t bother you. Instead, acknowledge your feeble frame and your frailty, look to God and grow. As you go through, realise your errors and ensure you do not make them again. Then dust your self off and keep walking with your head held up.

Random gist: I went to the cinema after a long while a week ago or so and I slept through the movie, lol. My friend actually enjoyed it so I know it was a good movie but I was so tired. I can’t even remember the title but it was about a girl who had an accident, suffered amnesia and forgot her boyfriend. I’ll make sure I see it again. I saw American Pie: the Reunion on Monday. All I can say is please do not see it with a prude or your mother. Typical American Pie. Totally hilarious up until the very last scene, ‘Great movie’! lol (You’ll understand that if and when you see it.)

Law School starts on the 2nd day of June. I am very excited but in a little corner of my mind, I am a tad worried. In this new firm I’m in, I’m realising how much reading I have to do, there is so much to refresh my memory on. I left uni in 2009 and I have pretty much not touched core law since then so when I see Law school students on Chambers Attachment spewing forth sections of the Evidence Act, drafting Affidavits, Writs of summons etc, I get a bit edgy and say a silent prayer to God to help me and I know He will. I learned no foreign trained student has ever come out with a First class in the history of the Nigerian Law School. Hmm, nothing is impossible with God!

I wish you all a fab month of May and I promise not to be doing monthly posts anymore. I leave you with this Word from Revd. Funke Felix Adejumo when she ministered at Daystar: if your husband’s life does not improve upon marrying you, you are a witch! Hehehe.

Have a beautiful Wednesday.

Enjoy some of my pictures which give a mini glimpse into my life in the last couple of months. Finally, can someone please offer guidance and tips on what to take along to Law School, what things are a must, what will be confiscated, what documents, generally the essentials, what kind of clothes etc. Thanks in advance.

My cocktail when I fell ill last month.

Olumo rock with 9 girl friends in April

At work in April. Yes Im still a Coke Addict: Vintage top by Uchy. Link to her webstore: Free delivery anywhere in Lagos!!! Shoes by Inkechi (If you are tall like me and find it sometimes difficult to get your shoe size, give her a call. She’s got it all. Amazing, fab party, work shoes!!! 08100801303)

Caught some part of the bouquet at a wedding in April :p

D and V’s wedding at Civic Centre in April. Amazing! That’s where I caught part of the bouquet btw. The comedian was bare jokes.

Friend from ISI’s engagement in Ibadan in April

Off for an event in April

That’s all folks!


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