I’m not afraid of dying. I really am not. But I guess what worries me is what will happen after. How it will be when I get to heaven (yes keh, I am sahtainly going there). Will it be scary with all sorts of strange beings aka angels? Will God be so big and huge and look so intimidating with His big feet that cover the earth or will He really be like one of us? Will I see David and ride along to his mansion? How shall we transport ourselves within the borders of Heaven? Is there a real life there or will we worship all day. What will Jesus look like? Is he tall? Does he have an accent like Benjamin Netanyahu or will He be able to blend with me easily?

How will it be really? What is death? What is life? What what what?

A high school mate died less than 2 days ago and I am still in a state of shock. I don’t know exactly how old he was but I can bet he was 26 years old max. Now he is gone.

Aside of the shock of it all, I began to ponder: what does life really mean? What is death? Where does it all end? Does it all end?

Young people are dying this year, it is alarming. Let’s pray for protection. Aside of this, let’s pray for our souls-that we may not be lost. That God’s power will be real in our lives. That without shame, we shall stand for Christ till our dying day. As I type, my fingers are cold-not out of fear but out of the re-realization that life is fickle, is fleeting, is transient, means little.

I want it that whenever our Maker deems it fit to call us home, we are ready. Let us be able to say each moment without doubt that if we die today, we are going straight to heaven, with the hosts of heaven standing at attention to welcome us home.

Rest in Peace, K.I. You were always the calm one. You deserve peace.

God bless you guys.