Hey guys,

What it do! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I had a pretty okay one  and I intend to give you guys a brief summary of how it went. So on Friday, I went for the Singles Meeting at City of David. You see, as much as I’m into relationship blogging and I’m so mushy about a good marriage tale and all, I’m not really into all these singles’ meetings. I don’t know why. Maybe because I fear it makes one look desperate. I’d rather stock up on books, tapes, CDs and DVDs on teachings on relationships than actually attend one.

Anyways, a colleague at work invited me and I thought kini big deal? It’s a Friday evening, let’s go. So I got there and it turned out to be everything I feared it would be-Agony Aunt kinda thing: ‘The girl I like wants me to buy her a car, girls are greedy, yuys are cheaters…’ type of thing. It was very interactive, which is supposed to be a good thing but it just wasn’t my scene.

Okay, lemme explain myself well. If I must go for a singles’ meeting, I’d rather it be one of those ones where there’s a proper preaching/teaching, like the ones in Jesus’ House when Dr. Okey Onuzo speaks to us about marriage, gives all these anecdotes that makes it all so interesting.

Anyways, to cut the sermon on the mount short, I left before it ended. Got home and just chilled.

On Saturday, as usual no light. I was nursing a flu too so it was bad being hot as well. My lovely childhood friend came over to say hi and it was so wonderful catching up. We went to the pharmacy together and I got this medicine that knocked me right off.  At about 7pm, another friend came over and we went for karaoke which was really interesting. I sang my lungs out, lol.

Then came Sunday. I go to TPH which is literally 2 minutes’ drive from the house but yestersay, we had a combined service at the Eko Hotel because Myles Munroe was in town. It was indeed a beautiful service. Praise and worship was AMAZING. They were almost as good as my choirs in Sheffield and Coventry..almost, lol. They sang songs that my choir master in Coventry loves to sing-in the order he likes to sing them. It was so good. Then came Lara George. She sang  Komasi and Ijoba Orun. OMD!!! I was in heaven. She sounds even better live and trust me, in music, that is a big deal.

Then came one lady who sang Chinwe Ike with the choir. Chei!!! God and the hosts of heaven must have been on their feet with goosebumps all over their skins. It was great. Kinda reminded me of my girl, Tomi of when she sings. So much passion.

The highlight of the entire service in my opinion was this short documentary that was shown to us  about the work of TPH through one of its expressions, God Bless Nigeria Church. It was about a Bukky-who is a drug addict-addicted to crack cocaine, heroine etc. My mouth was wide open all through! Without doubt, I know people take these narcotics in Naij. But I thought it was just the rich who could afford such. I thought poor people had to settle for weed and ogogoro. But how wrong was I! These women were shown injecting themselves with heroine, snorting cocaine. Asked how she funds what must be a very expensive habit, she revealed that during the day, she disguises herdelf as a pregnant woman and then begs for money. In a day, her proceeds from begging range between 8k and 10k. At night, she adorns herself and gets on the street to hawk her body. She sleeps with men for 50 -500 naira. Yes, you read me right-50 naira!

The church has managed to rehabilitate her though it was not a painless process (withdrawal  and all) but there are still loads of other Bukkys out there in this Lagos in this Nigeria in this world.

I just want to encourage us to remember these people in our prayers, alms and help. You don’t have to give them money directly as they may will use it for drugs but you can sponsor a rehab centre. If you are one of those who would rather help those who you believe didn’t bring the problems upon themselves, why not assist an orphanage, school for the visually impaired, etc. I think this is true Christianity. It is not only about, ‘God bless me and my family’, it is about reaching out to the less-able in our immediate societies. It is also good to actually visit these places once in a while, it is a humbling experience that keeps you grounded and reminds you of all the good you are enjoying even when you don’t think you are.

Just thought to give you guys a little gist of how my weekend went.

God bless you all and have a fulfilling week ahead.

PS: I will blog on Dr Myles’ preaching soon. It was really interesting and eye-opening.

That’s all folks (for now)