Hey my lovelies. How you been?

I have been okay. Service is going great. There is so much to learn. I’m learning discipline, character, perseverance, patience, trusting in God implicitly. All in all, it is a good experience for which I am truly grateful. I am learning daily to cast my cares on God. He alone can bear them anyways and so far, He has been doing just that. I really cannot complain.

I know I have a bit quiet on this blog lately. Ok, I need to explain. My brother borrowed my Starcomms internet dongle and has only just returned it after an extended period and I don’t feel comfortable blogging at work. This is why I have been quite for so long. But glory be to God, I have finally wrestled it off him so I’m back on board now. Even yesterday on FB, I could not stop commenting on people’s pictures and statuses. It feels good to have an internet connection that has not blocked off Facebook and Twitter.

This weekend was one I just want to thank God for. First, I thank God for protection for my family members and myself. It could have only been God who saw us through and and for this, I am grateful. Glory be to God. All is well. Everyone is doing great. On Friday, my friend was celebrating her birthday and so she decided to go to Reeds in Ikoyi. At first, I contemplated going thinking it would be harmlsss but being my grandmama self, I decided otherwise. Anything that would make me be out by 10pm has to be a very critical thing. My friends are getting fed up of me. Apparently, they think I’m too much of an introvert and they always have to drag me out of my house. I though I was fun person. Sigh. Well, my idea of fun is going to the cinema after work or just chilling with a few friends. I don’t club. I hate loud music. I hate being in a gathering where people are smoking. I think smoking in enclosed places should be made illegal in Nigeria. I like chilling. I wont go out of my way to have ‘fun’. Sitting on my bed watching old movies or reading is fun enough.

On Saturday, I decided to take out my Ghana weaving which had started chopping off my front hair. Then I walked to this new salon in front of the house. It was not just a salon but also had a spa, nail studio etc so in my head, I knew it might end up being pricey. I went in and met a lovely interior, very classy. My head was telling me, ‘Temi this place is not for small children oh.’ But I carried on. ‘Good afternoon, please, I’d like to retouch my hair and then fix my weave’. ‘Good afternoon, madam, do you have your relaxer’, one person responded. ‘Yes, I do’. ‘Ok, that would be N7, 000’. Hahahahhaha! What a joke! I just smiled and said bye. What on earth?! 7K!!! Naija never ceases to amaze me. And this salon was totally empty on a Saturday at 1pm!!! Now I knew why. I ended up going to another salon called Dominion near the gate and paid N2500. Abeg, I’m no Ijebu but I shant throw money away because im trying to do big girl. The hair I made looks good, the hairdresser was very courteous and I also changed my nail polish so there you go.

Now to an issue that is bothering me…those on my BB would have learned that the month of May was supposed to be my lose-a-dress-size month. Well, it wasn’t. I ended up gaining weight and I hate it! At work, I take at least 2 cups of hot drink-one coffee, one tea and I snack a lot. All these have contributed to my weight gain and I’m not pleased one bit. I have decided to take my problem to God in prayer. Nothing too small for Him to handle. Please if you have any nuggets of wisdom on how to shed weight, drop a comment (no starvation tips please).

I have to go now. Will drop by shortly. Have a lovely week. I pray that in this new dispensation in Nigeria, our leaders will have the good of the nation at the top of their priority. I pray for healing for Sean Kingston who is presently fighting for his life after a jet ski accident in Miami.

God bless,