Hi people,
Happy New Month to you all (it’s not so new but oh well!). This post is just to let you all know that I am alive and well. A number of people have been bb-ing and emailing me to ask wassup with my blog. Well blame it on work. Blame in Lagos life.
Living and working in Nigeria has made it a bit hard for me to sit down and concentrate. Plus, I love to blog about what’s going on in my life but then again, it’s all work work work and I really doubt that you would be very interested in it. Hence, my silence. Plus, I’m yet to renew my Starcomms subscription-I’m turn between MTN and Starcomms. So for a few days, I have been depending solely on BB and office internet.
I miss blogging. I miss high internet speed. I miss watching Nollywood movies on YouTube. I miss a whole lot of things. I am happy to be in Nigeria though. It’s a very different kinda experience and I’m looking forward to life here and what God has in store for me.
I’m at work but thought to steal a few minutes to let y’all know I’m still very much around. Before I go, I want to open up two debates. The first is a real life drama whilst the other is from the recent Genevieve movie, ‘Tango with me’.
Real Life:
Tola joined a firm in VI three weeks ago. The very day she started work, her co-worker, Wole went out of his way to make her feel welcome. She thought he was just being friendly and so when he asked for her bb pin she did not hesitate to give him. That turned out to be a mistake. Two days after she started, he went on leave for 2 weeks. Throughout his leave, he bombarded her with messages of how he had fallen in love with her and wanted them to date. Like what the actual hell?!!!

Now, I understand the principle of catching them young but this is just ludicrous. I have seen his chats with her. She ignores his messages constantly so they show ‘R’ which means they have been read. Yet, as if her lack of interest in him is not clear enough, he keeps pinging her endlessly.
How would you advise her? Should she ignore the incidents, delete him and just be civil to him upon his return or should she call him out, warning him never to try such again? How would you act?
My friend and I went to see ‘Tango with me’ last week. When I saw the poster and all, I thought it was going to be a fun, romantic movie. How wrong could I have been! It was a very intense movie-right from the start. I’ll give you enough information not to spoil it for those who are yet to see it:

Lola and Uzo are the perfect couple, their newly married life in front of them. All is well until the happiest day of their lives became the worst. Lola gets raped on her wedding day and becomes pregnant with the violator’s offspring. Uzo insists on her aborting it. She thinks that would be a sin that makes her just as bad as her rapist. She keeps the child. Uzo freaks out and refuses to have anything to do with her. Their marriage hits the rocks.
Now, what do you think she should have done differently, if anything? Was it right for her to keep the child of a rapist? NB: She was a virgin and was raped in the hotel on her wedding night. She and her husband had never consummated the marriage? Was Uzo right in freaking out and becoming mean to her? Was she insensitive to him?
Share your thoughts…

Random Gist:
I’m watching Big Brother Africa and that has been quite interesting so far. There are two Nigerian representatives-one is fone speaking and has said she does not speak pidgin. Her name is Vina and here she is:

The other is brash and loud  (has loadsa piercings, about 10 tattoos and has had a breast augmentation). She is Karen

Should be fun!

Anyways, that is all people for now. Have a lovely weekend!