Hello people,

How are you doing? I started Law School two weeks ago and it has been quite the experience. All sorts of drama I won’t go into right away. I’m enjoying my lectures and I’m really thankful to God for the opportunity.

I’m in Abuja and naturally, will be making air trips to and from Lagos. Say a prayer for your girl and other travelers. God be with us all.

I really want to rant and moan and complain but I won’t. I want to rant about the fact that we have no accommodation prepared for us and were asked tosort ourselves out till the present Bar 2 leave. I want to complain about the Fashion Police. I want to complain but I won’t. Ill let it slide and focus on the good stuff. I’ve met so many amazing people, so many smart people. I’ve joined a charity organization-Bwari Child and will also join the Sickle Cell Foundation. I’ve joined the Christian Lawyers Association and Fellowship of Nigeria (CLASFON). I have joined the 5.30 am Aerobics Class. I have started a mini study group. Generally, all is going well. Today, we have a comedy show and dinner on Saturday.

Im looking forward to the year ahead!