Sometimes, the distinction between an offer and an invitation to treat gets blurred to me but maybe when I tell my tale, you’ll help me decide what exactly it was.

Ok, Bwari hasn’t beenhalf dreadful as I feared. The people here are cool and also, I didn’t nurse any lofty hopes of having fun so I pretty much am content with whatever snippets of fun I experience. The other day, a few friends and I decided to go to Abuja to see a movie and just chill. Somewhere in the lot, an old man pulls up in a big jeep (don’t know which make but it was big) and before I can say Caramel, a guy walks up to me telling me that Old Man is calling me, pointing at the jeep. I turn towards the direction of the vehicle and there he was giving me a 200 watt smile. I give him my best scowl in return and tell the messenger I am not interested.

Not quite 2 minutes after, the messenger returns with a wad of 1000 naira notes totaling about 20k from the look of it and a business card. I give him a stern look and tell him toleave me be. All the while, I was waiting for my friend. I watch him deliver the money back to Old Man, Old Man giving him about 5k and then shoving the card back at the messenger who comes trotting back towards me. This time, I do not wait for him to speak, I tell him, “if you keep disturbing me you won’t like what will happen to you” (like I could do anything). He briskly walks back to the jeep and hands the card back to Old Man who takes it and screeches away in evident anger.

Wow! I have seen this happen with Tonto Dike and Pete Edochie but seeing it happen live and to me was quite a different experience. I gisted my friend who told me its no big deal, this is Abuja, it happens every hour, nothing strange, in fact the strange thing in most people’s views would be my reaction. Interesting. That man was old enough to be my father. He wasn’t even scared. Wow. Wow. Wow!

Anyway that’s my story. To all the contract law gurus out there, was that an outright offer or an invitation treat?

Thats all folks,


*Here’s wishing all the Bar Finals takers the very best in their exams.*