It’s been 4 weeks already!


Ive spent a month here in Bwari. I remember my first hour. Stress-filled, I must say. I remember being told by a dear friend, O, to make sure I was well dressed. “well dressed” in NLS means white and black. And so, goody two shoes Temi showed up in her longest black skirt, a white Zara tank top, a Forever 21 blazer and black Primark flats. So you can imagine my shock when I got to Law School and found out I had been punkd. Yup, it was just about 5 of us dressed in our school uniform lol, there was guy all suited and booted so I felt a bit better.
I spent night 1 in a hotel because there were no rooms available. I was tempted to write Punch or even Linda Ikeji, but I gave myself brain and refrained from doing such. Majority are still staying off campus till the Bar 2s leave. I’m on of the lucky few to have gotten a room. I must confess, the rooms are lovely. They are like The Hilton for those of us who have served (NYSC). Lemme attempt a description: we are four in a two bed flat. Four of us share a toilet and bath. And we get someone (helper) to do the cleaning. It’s really comfortable ( in my opinion). However a good number of people just could not stay there and elected to stay off campus in some of the student accommodations available. There’s Elim, which is actually a hotel and goes for roughly 250k per month. There is redbricks Tamara, Global Village which are cheaper. Elim is bang in front of NLS though. .
Because I didn’t study Commercial Law, I have to take it as a remedial course. Interestingly, a number of students have not even registered. They are those who waited behind to graduate before starting. Personally, I think they’ll be fine. Classes are pretty easy to grasp if you try to study everyday, however short the time spent so doing.
I’ve met so many lovely people from all walks of life, I’ve heard all sorts of accents, from the British to the American to the merger of both. I’m trying to polish my French thanks to the Camerounians with us. I’ve met a number of MCLA readers too. Xoxo to the girl who asked her boyfriend to hunt me down and armed him with a photo of me. I totally appreciate you. God bless.
The hookups have started and it’s Week 4. What am I saying, in our 3 weeks in NYSC camp, some people went through 2 relationships.
The teachers are really good, excellent. Our male Criminal Law teacher is soooo good, he teaches like a preacher.
A downside to being here is the food. I used to laugh at those who complained but now, I get it after saving suffered a bad bout of food poisoning myself- the second case I know of. A friend found a praying mantis in her hollow rice sat week, another saw a stone( the soft crushable type) in her food. Lord help us. I was admitted and was put on drips and all. The clinic has really great staff and the whole episode cost me N350 including blood test!
It’s been so touching watching the present Bar 2s prepare for their finals. In church, that’s all the preacher speaks on. In CLASFON, same thing. There’s even a spiritual Call to Bar taking place n church for them. Looks like it ill be great. See flyer for details. I’m styling back during their exams. I can imagine how excited they’ll be on that last Friday!!! That will be me in a year, amen. I pray they all excel by His grace.
Another week is upon us. God protect us all and give us the strength to be worthy ambassadors of Christ anywhere we are. Amen.









Hi guys, I’m in Law School


Hello people,

How are you doing? I started Law School two weeks ago and it has been quite the experience. All sorts of drama I won’t go into right away. I’m enjoying my lectures and I’m really thankful to God for the opportunity.

I’m in Abuja and naturally, will be making air trips to and from Lagos. Say a prayer for your girl and other travelers. God be with us all.

I really want to rant and moan and complain but I won’t. I want to rant about the fact that we have no accommodation prepared for us and were asked tosort ourselves out till the present Bar 2 leave. I want to complain about the Fashion Police. I want to complain but I won’t. Ill let it slide and focus on the good stuff. I’ve met so many amazing people, so many smart people. I’ve joined a charity organization-Bwari Child and will also join the Sickle Cell Foundation. I’ve joined the Christian Lawyers Association and Fellowship of Nigeria (CLASFON). I have joined the 5.30 am Aerobics Class. I have started a mini study group. Generally, all is going well. Today, we have a comedy show and dinner on Saturday.

Im looking forward to the year ahead!



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