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Do you have a passion for fashion and style? Can you write about fashion? Do you know the latest trends, African styles? Would you fit as a fourth member of the Fashion Police team? If you know you have what it takes to be a fashion blogger please apply to  


In addition, a fashion designer seeks other fashion designers to join her talent team. To apply send an application and pictures of your designs to

Have a fun weekend guys!


Nene…the Gele and Make up guru


There’s nothing as good as knowing how to use your hands to do amazing things. I’ve always admired those that are gifted with their hands, be it to draw, paint, sew, make hair or even do the sign language. Our featured entrepreneur today is one of such. She uses her hands to make others look beautiful. She is both a make up artist and a gele doer/tier/fixer (I’m lost) well, head gear tier.

She has used her talent to make so many brides look resplendent on their special and we got the chance to ask her a few questions about her art and her business. She is is Nene Achumba! Enjoy!

The gorgeous Nene

Tell us about yourself, Nene
I am a graduate of Philosophy from University of Lagos. I work with STB McCann which is an Advertising Company in Lagos and I am the last kid of 5.

Please tell us a bit about your gele/make up business

I started my makeover business from home at 16 just after high school. Then, I only knew how to shapen brows and do basic everyday makeup. I later diversified into bridal hair, lash fixing and gele tying when I started receiving requests for the whole package. It was a hobby that eventually turned into business. Most of my clients are prospective brides. I do this mostly on the weekends because of the nature of my job. Presently,  I have two people training with me and who want to work with me.

Wow, Nene that is amazing! But what inspired you to go into it?

My love for colours made me go into make up. I have had no formal training on it but it just comes naturally to me. If I must confess, the only training I received was through Fine Art classes in Secondary School. I could spend the whole day in the studio where I learnt to use my brushes and draw fine lines. Now, the same obtains with make up where I use the face as my canvas to express my love for art , the different hues and how they blend. It’s a beautiful feeling!

It was never about making money because I did it for free initially because I just enjoyed it. Back in school, while walking to or back from class, I would get loads of girls stopping me to ask where I got my eyebrows done. Whenever I told them I did it myself, they would have this shocked look then eventually collect my number and ask to get theirs done too. Sometimes, I just did it at no charge.

What were your parents’/family’s reactions?

My mum did not have a problem with it. She only did when I spent too long in front of the mirror. My dad used to be so furious seeing me with makeup he felt I was wasting my time and his money. (lol) At some point when he used to see loads of ladies trooping into the house just to get their brows done or for wedding consultations, he had a re-think about it. To the extent that whenever he went on trips, he would ask me for my list and the stores to go to so he could help me buy my make up supplies. He practically invested in it. My sister would call me “Picassa” making fun of me whenever I spent so long in front of the mirror.


How did you handle discouragement?

I only felt discouraged at a point when I got robbed and my kit was stolen from me twice. I felt it was a sign to forget about it because everything was gone.

Who inspires you?

I would rather be asked what inspires me. It would be the expressions on my clients’ faces that inspire me. It is that look of joy, appreciation and a warm hug that inspires me.

Have you any advice to budding entrepreneurs?

It’s never too late to start. When you eventually do, you have to put in your all because no one would help you succeed as much you would.

How do people contact you?

Majority of my clients are based on referrals. They get my contact from people I have worked for.

Thanks babe for this.

You’re welcome love.

Here are a few of the pictures of her work…


Nene at work

another lovely bride

Like the theme of this week has been, be encouraged to discover your passion, work on it and see how it will in turn work for you.

That’s all folks (for now)


Ann is the winner of ANTM Cycle 15!!!



I’m still in shock. I loved Ann from the very beginning but I must confess, I was one of those who feared that she could never win due to her extreme awkwardness (Read my comment here). But look! Mehn, in this life anything can happen oh so you should never look down on anyone or any situation, however seemingly hopeless. As soon as I found out that she’d won, my joy was boundless and I took to my BB to announce the good news through my status update. To put it mildly, my friends were not amused at me spoiling it for them, hehehe. Sorry guys!

I believe the entire group of judges were rooting for her from Day 1. She is HUMBLE and absolutely unassuming. You’d just want to help her. That has taught me that most of us human beings are just like our Heavenly Father who resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. Yaya DaCosta, in my opinion, did not win Cycle 3 simply because of her extreme arrogance and pride. Do you guys remember her ‘fake kente’ outburst? No doubt, she was fab, winning so many challenges and all but her pride was off-putting.

I was not so into Chelsey either (runner up this year). She put Ann down at every chance saying Ann did not have what it takes and that instead she was the ideal ANTM. Ann, on the other hand, NEVER put anyone down. She focussed on herself and her growth and was such a sweetheart throughout. So Ann gets it all — Vogue Italia, IMG, Cover Girl, $100,000. Chelsey is, um, visibly angry. Tyra says to her, “But you have to say that we made the wrong choice.” Chelsey replies, “I will.” And she does, right to the camera backstage. Why waste time? lol.

Chelsey, who says she has wanted to be a supermodel since she was three-years-old, did not take her loss well. ‘I feel cheated. I feel I have the whole package,’ she said. ‘And I don’t think Ann does.’ Whatever Chelsey!

Here’s when the winner was announced…

I’m indeed happy she won! All the best to her.

That’s all folks (for now)


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