As I love, please let it be with someone who loves me back

I love You Lord so let it be with someone who loves You too

I love hard, Lord, let him love harder


I don’t ‘look at men’, Lord let his eyes be fixed on me only

Let the wayward girl who only finds taken men attractive be repulsive to him

Let the friends he has who want to lead him astray either change or be gone!


Let his mom love me as her own

Let his father take me as his seed

Let his brothers admire me as a jewel

Let his sisters not feel threatened

Let them believe they have gained a sibling and not a competitor


I blind the eyes of every husband snatcher

Lord if they remain obstinate, let evil befall them

No matter how hard they try, they will not succeed

Lord let his love for you ensure that he never cheats on me

Let his love for you be sufficient to ward against infidelity

Lord, I will never cheat neither will I stray

My love will be enough for him

His love will be enough for me


We will be fruitful in child bearing

We will be fruitful in child rearing

Our children will be taught of the Lord and great shall be their peace

Our son(s) shall be God loving, God fearing, responsible, stunning

Our daughter(s) shall be the same

They will not bring us shame

They will not bring You shame


Father, I come against pot belliedness

I declare that he will remain fit and trim

Father, I come against being anything more that a size 10

I will only balloon to a size 12 in pregnancy

After two months may I promptly lose the extra weight


Dear Lord, I come against sickness and disease

You have taken our sickness upon You

Therefore the devil has no right to place infirmity on us

Our children shall be healthy

We shall be healthy

None of the sicknesses of the Egyptians shall come upon us

And we shall neither cast our young nor die young

Instead, we shall live to ripe old ages and fulfil our days


Heavenly Father, we shall not lack

We shall lend to the nations

We shall be givers, paying our tithes and giving to others


God you know I have other prayers to say but I shall stop here (for now)

Please answer even my unsaid prayers as you know my requests

For in Jesus’ name I pray!