I’m still in shock. I loved Ann from the very beginning but I must confess, I was one of those who feared that she could never win due to her extreme awkwardness (Read my comment here). But look! Mehn, in this life anything can happen oh so you should never look down on anyone or any situation, however seemingly hopeless. As soon as I found out that she’d won, my joy was boundless and I took to my BB to announce the good news through my status update. To put it mildly, my friends were not amused at me spoiling it for them, hehehe. Sorry guys!

I believe the entire group of judges were rooting for her from Day 1. She is HUMBLE and absolutely unassuming. You’d just want to help her. That has taught me that most of us human beings are just like our Heavenly Father who resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. Yaya DaCosta, in my opinion, did not win Cycle 3 simply because of her extreme arrogance and pride. Do you guys remember her ‘fake kente’ outburst? No doubt, she was fab, winning so many challenges and all but her pride was off-putting.

I was not so into Chelsey either (runner up this year). She put Ann down at every chance saying Ann did not have what it takes and that instead she was the ideal ANTM. Ann, on the other hand, NEVER put anyone down. She focussed on herself and her growth and was such a sweetheart throughout. So Ann gets it all — Vogue Italia, IMG, Cover Girl, $100,000. Chelsey is, um, visibly angry. Tyra says to her, “But you have to say that we made the wrong choice.” Chelsey replies, “I will.” And she does, right to the camera backstage. Why waste time? lol.

Chelsey, who says she has wanted to be a supermodel since she was three-years-old, did not take her loss well. ‘I feel cheated. I feel I have the whole package,’ she said. ‘And I don’t think Ann does.’ Whatever Chelsey!

Here’s when the winner was announced…

I’m indeed happy she won! All the best to her.

That’s all folks (for now)