Hi people,

I’m still here oh. I have internet and all but mehn blogging in this country e no easy at all. Blogging, as any true blogger will tell you, requires a lot of discipline. However, blogging in Naij as a worker is on a whole new level. In spite of this, I humbly promise to deliver as often as possible. I’m presently working on a story which should be published pretty soon.

Now to the matter at issue. I love my job!

I love my job!

I thank God for this opportunity. A lot of people don’t enjoy what they do and the only thing that gives them comfort is the pay. With me, it’s not about working in Shell, Chevron, Standard Chartered or wherever, it is about loving what you do and looking forward to going to work in the mornings. I started just last week but so far, so great. You might think it to be initial gra gra but it really is not. I have a very cool boss too. I pray that God will keep on making all things work together for good. I pray for you guys too that you will find fulfilment and satisfation in what you do.

I’m looking for a church o by the way. My friend recommended Waterbrook which meets at Oriental Hotel. Another one recommended Christ Embassy. I attended MFM two Sundays back (during the Power Must Change Hands). I enjoyed it so much but I’m not sure I can do 7:30 am-2pm again (I shall be blogging on the insights Dr Olukoya shared with us. It was awesome). I’m a Redeemer sha so I might just stick to that. I’m seriously praying for leading on this issue.

Now, on a not so chirpy note, let us have one minute silence for the souls of the departed youth corpers who lost their lives in the Suleja bombing. To think that just 2 weeks ago, we were all singing, ‘Youths obey the clarion call…’ Really really sad.

 May their souls rest in peace and may God grant their families the strength to bear what must be terrible losses. The election itself was great. Everything went well. I pray to God for even better at the Presidential elections next week.

On a random note, using my BB in Naij has been a nightmare, to put it mildly. My BBMs take forever to deliver. I thought it was Glo messing up so this month, I subscribed with my MTN. That was a big blunder. I officially don’t receive my email anymore! I’m so annoyed. I need to storm into their office one of these days.

Anyway, good people, I wish you all a wonderful week ahead. God bless and keep you and keep His face shining on you and may He give you peace.

PS: Congrats to Aunty Bukky on the birth of her son, Joshua. Isn’t he lovely?

Cute baby Josh

That’s all (for now)