Hi guys!

How are you all doing? I’m very well here and so so excited! This is my last free week! Whoop whoop! I resume on Monday and I CANNOT wait. I’m so happy to have somewhere to go each morning. Have something to do, complain about LASTMA, crazy drivers etc. I really do feel bad for people who are stuck home doing nothing. That must really suck!

Hope you’ve been enjoying my regular posts *pats self on back* I decided to do as much writing as my God and my coffee can inspire me now that I am free and I have had so much fun tuning out and just typing my mind. The joys of writing. Inexplicable. I’d love to tell you that it will keep being this way but I what I definitely say is that I’ll do ALL I can to avoid dry spells and to keep making this your go to website for original, inspiring and thought provoking pieces which focus on God and how we can navigate this life.

I totally have been enjoying people’s comments. Thanks guys. I know what it is to actually click on that comment box and start typing your email address etc to comment. I totally appreciate it. I pray we keep learning from each other and applying things we learn to our day to day lives because these things do happen.

I discovered a series called For Better or Worse by Tyler Perry. Remember Angela and Marcus from Why Did I Get Married? This focusses on their lives. I saw 2 whole seasons non stop two days ago. Totally amazing stuff!

Enjoy today’s post!

A few days ago, I saw a friend’s status update: How do you tell the difference between giving someone who has hurt you a second chance or giving them an extra bullet to shoot you since they missed the first time?

I thought about it for a while. It’s so true that not everyone deserves a second chance because they will become repeat offenders. So how does one tell the difference? How do you tell the truly repentant from the one who just wants to dust himself up and try again…to hurt you! Does that cheating girlfriend really deserve to be taken back? Should the thieving househelp not be sent packing? Should you keep giving that Associate important assignments when they keeping on giving you shoddy work?

This is different from forgiveness which to me, means no longer harbouring bitterness against a person for their wrongdoing. You can forgive alright but do forgiving and forgetting mean you keep letting the offender in? Would this not be stupidity?

What do you guys think of it all?