Hey people!!!

How’s it going? Hope you guys are well. I’m doing well over here but mehn life as a job hunter aint fun o! Lol! At all at all. Well, truth is many of my friends are still chilling, basking in the euphoria of not having to read Agaba or Ogbuanya again or any other Law School text for that matter. Most have left these shores in search of well deserved breaks. A few eager beavers already have jobs. I get bored easily and I’m definitely done with the thrill of being free. I AM DONE!!! I am so bored!


My parents are not helping the situation either. I remember during NYSC in 2011, coming home late because of work was neither out of place nor alarming to my parents. Now, if I get home at 8:00 pm, my dad would have almost mobilised a search party. I have now officially been given a curfew! LOL! *shedding hot tears*

With respect to the actual job hunt, a lot of people keep saying ‘Temi your CV is great, you don’t have any problem’ but I already have received a NO from one oil company after the 2nd stage. It was a bit painful sha, I won’t lie but I know if it is for me, I will never miss it. So I have promptly shelved it under the ‘Not my portion’ file. 80 percent of companies do not even get back to you so you have no feed back whatsoever! What of the ‘promisers’? Hmm. Most people don’t intend to help. Those very few that intend to probably don’t have the ability so in thev end, it is all God’s favour that opens doors.

Another issue I have been experiencing is ageism. Although I finished University more than 4 years ago, Masters, NYSC and the 18 month Law School programme have gulped the years which means though I am technically not an experienced hire, I’m not exactly a fresh school leaver. Most entry roles are for fresh school leavers and they specify an age limit, usually 25 which yours truly has said bye to two years ago. I didn’t get considered somewhere because of that sole reason. One lesson: Dear friends, experience counts far more than degrees. I pretty much have 3 degrees but the typical potential employer makes that look more like a barrier rather than an advantage. So guys, after Uni, please start work and work for at least a year before Masters. If I could turn back the hands of time, I probably will not do anything differently. I trust God that all will be fine and I am hopeful. Anyways! Enough of my tales. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I get my job. For now, I’ll keep praying, applying, trusting God and meeting my curfew at home.

Oh by the way, when I was moving back home, I expected to be earning at least N400,000.00 . It seems even those that have been working for 8 years don’t earn that. Most people laugh at you scornfully when you say you expect that. It seems as though even a N250,000 monthly pay is a dream for most and the norm is between N90,000 and N150,000.

I still maintain that you should know your worth and keep praying. God will open doors in Jesus’ name. Amen.

My current fave song by Lara George-Dansaki. Heard it on Inspiration FM yesterday and I bought the CD in traffic today. So uplifting.

Do you have any job hunt experiences to share? Holla!

Have a great day guys!


PS: There is this amazing training programme going on every two weeks and after the programme you get a chance to work as a customer service representative in a great company.  Had I been in that line, I’d have jumped at it. I’ll tell you all about it soon.