Hi readers,

Miss me? Lol… Blame it on my work o. It is so hard combining starting out a new job and blogging especially as I generate my content myself. No excuses and no promises other than I shall try to be more consistent. The Indian website guru I engaged to sort out my website has decided not to deliver so that project is still on hold for now.

So today, I am bursting forth with gratitude. I am grateful for so many things and I decided what better way to end the year than to count my blessings and give God praise for each one of them.

A few people have also asked me to give them tales of marriage, how it is living with a man, the challenges and how we deal with them and I think that sounds great. I have had that in mind and I will ask for the boo’s consent to blog about him…let’s call him O. You see O is incredibly private. I am too but he is 5 times more private than I am so it might take some cajoling given that my blog is not exactly anonymous… I have decided to either be totally open or not bother at all. I will let you know his response.

2014 started great but God has really surpassed all my expectations and has given me and my family way more than we asked for.

I had my introduction in February. Got my ring after my intro (lol, O is unconventional and quite traditional so he had to ask properly first and then the ring came after) Oh btw, I picked my ring o. O is also quite pragmatic…No use doing lemme surprise you and it turns out to be a bad surprise so I chose the ring and when next he travelled he produced it and gave it to me on my birthday. So there was no mushiness or please marry me blah blah blah. I mean we had already started planning our wedding!!!

After the introduction, planning proper commenced. O is simple and really didn’t understand why a wedding should have more than 300 guests at the most. I was planning for 1000 so you can imagine my shock horror when O insists that I should find a way of cutting down the number…it is a wedding ceremony not a carnival… I decided to start practising what Pastor V our marriage counsellor had been teaching. Don’t argue, discuss… Omo, O was just not budging at all. My incredible planner needed information in order to proceed and there was no way I could tell her to search for a 300 capacity marquee/venue.

I decided to pray about it and leave it to God. I kept reminding myself…Temi, it is about the marriage not about the day so please don’t start your marriage with fight because of some guests who probably don’t really care about you guys anyway. Eventually, O agreed and we ended up getting this amazing hall with a capacity of over 1000 but we were expecting max 700 and decided to cater to about 1200. That was just the beginning of compromises on both sides…from why we need 3  photographers as well as a Photo Booth, cocktails as well as two mobile bars, how many tiers cake should have, why we need a popular comedian to MC, etc. O and I had to learn compromise and I advise couples planning their wedding to learn that the planning stage is your first test of the marriage and you must ensure you pass it. Don’t give up all your dreams just to be Mrs Proverbs 31, submissive and be miserable on your wedding day. But please don’t start fighting over these things. So not worth it. I am grateful to God for the planning stages, for my amazing planner, our families, friends and for my awesome O.



The engagement and wedding went great, I don’t think I noticed 60% of the things I fussed over. I didn’t notice that the small chops had snails and prawns or that there were fruit cones. Imagine if O and I had fought over these trivial matters! Another issue that got me tearing my hair was the issue of honeymoon. I had just started a new job and was not entitled to more than 5 days compassionate leave. I wanted to beg to take it unpaid but O said not to and that it how till date your girl never go on honeymoon though we went to the Intercontinental sha which was pretty decent. O said don’t worry, there will be so many other trips you will forget the honeymoon. Now, guys, I am so grateful we decided to hold off on the honeymoon men.

Marriage has been interesting, challenging and rewarding. We have argued, made up, laughed, cried (at least me cos i can be a cry baby), prayed, forgot to pray, had mad fun, had some bleh sit-at-home all weekend days, left for work as  early as 5:40 am, come back home at 11pm etc. But through it all, I look back and thank God for my husband, my home and the bright future glimpses of which I see every now and then.

God had blessed the work of our hands and is daily loading us with benefits and causing us to be fruitful in all we do. We are indeed grateful as we look back at 2014 and are thankful and excited as we anticipate what 2015 has in store.

I pray that God’s mercies will overshadow us all and His protection will never leave us…

Cheers to 2014! It’s been real!!!