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I resumed Bar 2 last week Monday and since all I will do is moan about how diffiucult registration week was for those of us in Lagos, I won’t say anything. All I can say is I am really looking forward to this week and trust God it will go great!
Church yesterday was AMAZING!!! Pastor Moses at The Waterbrook spoke the Word and it was something else. It left me thinking. I intend to do a post on it but before I do, please guys read the story of Ahab and Jehoshaphat going to war in 2 Chronicles 18 just to get a feel of what I will be writing on.
Now to today’s post or more like opinion gathering…
I have a friend who tells her mom everything. I mean if a guy so much as gave her a lingering handshake at work, her mom would hear about it and they would start praying about it just in case he is The One. Another friend tells her mom the barest minimum which she might end up finding out from another source e.g. she is in a relationship (after like 5 months).
It is good to tell your mom stuff but the question now is: how much information is too much information? I see some people whose mothers know everything going on in their lives, their marriages-how the man snores loudly, how he eats too much, how they are planning a holiday next year, how the husband is thinking of buying property. I know it’s good to involve your mother in your life but how much involvement is too much especially when that life is not just your life anymore but involves another person, a man (most men will not appreciate being overly discussed)?
What happened to the couple leaving and cleaving or is it just the man to leave and cleave? Some mothers REQUIRE they be told ALL ‘so they can give you advice because what a mother sees sitting down, you cannot see even from the pinnacle of the Empire State Building’ but when do you have to start keeping back some details from her. Is this even right?
If you are not keen on having a husband who discusses everything with his mom, why should you not respond in kind? What do you guys feel? Will you be telling your mother everything since no one loves you as much as she does and she can give you good old person’s view? Or will you keep a lot of things on a ‘my husband and I’ level? For the male folk, are you okay with your mother in law knowing about your marriage since she’s an extension of the home or do you feel disrespected if your wife makes her mom her number one confidante?

Beautiful mom and daughter

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