It’s been a year!

So yeah, March 3rd 2012 made it a year since I moved back to Nigeria after being away for 5 years without even visiting once. I remember my absolute trepidation and how I had to constantly remind myself why exactly I had to go home. I am glad I took that step. I really could not imagine living anywhere else, to be honest.

Nigeria has been quite the experience, I’ve had my good and lovely times and I’ve also had my days of weeping in the toilet, yup that’s right! I have made great decisions along the way and with that same great decision making mind, I have taken some terrible steps. But through it all, I am still left with a strong sense of being in the right place. I thank God for seeing me through everything.

I am so glad to be home and I know that the best is yet to come!

***Read about my moving to Nigeria here.***

Totally unrelated photo...Well let's call it 'The beauties of Nigeria'

Have a lovely weekend people!!!