Hey guys! Happy New Year!

May God’s goodness and mercy surround us all in everything we lay our hands upon this New Year. I’m no resolution maker but I’m so excited because I made a vow to myself and to God, which so far I have kept by His grace. I know it’s a bit too early to throw celebratory parties for vow keeping but I really am glad that it has gone well so far. I have also decided to break my age long addiction to Coca Cola’s product ‘Coke’. It got so terrible at some point that I could do 5 bottles in a day without flinching. I had to have my Coke fix every single day. This is day 6 now and I’ve not tasted caffeine from Coke!!!

2011 is a special year. I grew in leaps and bounds. I experienced things I thought Nollywood script writers dreamt up. They just could not be real, I used to argue. But now, I know better. 2012 is here and although I have no resolutions per se, I am determined not just to pray to God to be a better person this year but to actually be a better person. Sometimes we hide under the cover of ‘God gimme strength’. The truth is this: no temptation will come our way that we are incapable of overcoming so as long as we face it, we are able to surmount it. Have a very splendid year ahead guys! God bless you all!