Hi guys,

How have you been? I have had a really good week so far. I have found a church FINALLY…. Harvesters in Gbagada. I have thoroughly enjoyed their Thursday Fellowship here on the Island and their Sunday service in Gbagada has also been interesting. So after all these months, I can comfortably and proudly say I have a church in which I can work. I’m thinking of joining the Children’s Department…Let’s see how that goes.

I went for Wednesday Mid week at TWB yesterday and it was quite an interesting experience. Dr. Cindy Trimm was ministering and it was PACKED! One thing is for sure, I don’t like crowds, lol. I like the good ol’ small fellowship and was shocked at the number of people there. I had to bribe the car park assistant to let me park inside the Oriental lot because parking in the 2nd building would have led to a night mare when it ended. It was good sha.

Now to today’s post…

My friend is probably going to kill me for putting this up but I’ve always trusted in the wisdom of MCLA readers. This might seem relatively simple but what are your thoughts guys?


I met Olu in July 2011 at a friend’s bridal shower. Weird, I know. He came with his friend, the groom , to drop off the bride  at the venue. It was a surprise so they had both cooked up some tale about him having something to do at 4 Points. We did not officially meet as we were neither introduced nor did we speak but our eyes held for a while and as soon as the ‘SURPRISE!’ was screamed the two men left.

Naturally, we met again at the engagement ceremony and this time, we spoke. To cut short what could easily become a long tale, I started liking him and we were hanging out pretty often. It was then I noticed that he was always receiving phone calls from a particular UK number saved under ‘Bimpe’.

I decided to ask him who she was and  then he told me that himself and Bimpe are in a relationship. They had been dating for about 5 months but had agreed to break up if she was unable to  relocate to Nigeria by February 2012. She had completed her programme and was trying to get work experience in England before returning. Now, he’s asking that we carry on till February when the FINAL decision will be made. In short, I’ll be dating another girl’s man till February??? He said no that we could be tight friends till then.

I appreciated his openness but is this right? What do we do till then? Do we carry on this way or do I completely cut off from him till he’s free of any baggage? I thought we could ‘keep’ being friends but the truth is I’m finding it hard to accept her in his life. She believes she is in a relationship (which she is) and his picture is permanently her DP. Had it been that he was growing out of love with her, I would understand but what’s the assurance that she won’t move back thereby making me look and feel bad? What’s the assurance that if having being able to hold on for almost a year, he wouldn’t decide to stick with her and try and make it work even as a long distance relationship? I’m already totally into him and we spend loads of time together.

I really don’t know what to do.

Any ideas?



Oya help a sister in distress out and share your thoughts people…