Hi guys,

I had a lovely day on Friday the 21st. I was especially excited about seeing the weekend begin and at about 5:20 or so, I left work and headed towards Ajose Adeogun. As I turned into Mobil from Ozumba, an Okada came from NOWHERE and hit me hard! My number 1 thought was ‘Jesus, I’m not going to add manslaughter to the list of my sins’.

Scared, shaken, angry, I parked in the middle of the road got down to assess the damage done, not even to the car but to the bike man in particular. I was scared that this man had killed himself. As soon as I saw that he was alive, breathing and actually fixing his bike, I screamed at him in a way that shocked even I. It was as though someone came out of me to vex and I was calmly observing the goings on. I was livid.

‘How dare you ride your bike like that?!’ ‘What if you had killed yourself? You didn’t even check the road. You’re lucky nothing happened to you!’

Our typical pocknosey Nigerians had gathered- most people were on Team Temi and they were asking me to calm down and take it easy. I decided to heed their advice and gently started walking towards the car. Just as I turned, the only member of Team Okadaman, one white man, said ‘Calm down, you are a lady. And it was your fault, you were overspeeding’ I saw RED! Let’s just say he received the remaining part of the venom I was trying to swallow. I was outraged.

What does ladylikeness have to do with this? If he had killed himself and I was bundled to Alagbon police station to write a statement and be detained, would they have treated me like a lady?

A few minutes after, I felt bad that I wasn’t calmer and that I didn’t exhibit the fruit of the Spirit sha. But okada men make it hard to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit, really. They do not obey traffic laws, they don’t obey traffic lights, they are just totally impossible!

Dear Lord, please this is to remind you of my earlier request for okadas to be banned in Lagos and for them to be provided with even better and less endangering jobs. Thank You Lord.

Drive safely guys. I pray none of us will harm or be harmed as we go about our daily activities in Jesus’ name. Amen.