Akwaaba people!!!

Here is a picture of me in Ghana…

The bride had rented out the accommodation. Check out its website: http://calabashgreen.com/

They were so courteous and gave us an excellent service. I look forward to going back so much.


The other day, someone put this up as their BB status: Whether na 1 million, whether na 1 billion baby you got me.  I laughed when I saw it and thought to share. A few days after, I started thinking about it. So the actual songwriter said ‘1 naira/1 million’ but my people have decided to remix it to suit their own purposes. Let’s imagine 1 naira means being broke. The point is that they do not wish to be with a broke person.

I’m a firm believer in the following principles:

-money is not everything

-love of money is the root of all evil

-love conquers all

-my love for you is irrespective of your financial status

But then, my friends and I were having a tete a tete and then this question was posed:

-if someone with no degree, no job, no enterprise walks up to you and asks you out, will you look beyond his financial state and date or even end up marrying him?

There was a lot of ‘God forbid’ ‘how now?’ ‘how will we even meet?’. Even the noblest response was something along these lines, ‘well, I’m not particular about what he has now but I’m certainly concerned about his earning power prospects or lack thereof so maybe not’. I might need to add that these girls are all personally comfortable and not leeches looking to suck a man dry so there’s no issue of gold digging going on. It’s more like gold keeping/maintaining.

Can you date someone with no visible prospects whatsoever ‘for love’?

PS: This also relates to guys.

Muse with me!