Hi people!

It’s been too long. I’ve been very busy with work and I haven’t had internet connection at home for a while now. These are no excuses though-mere explanations of why I have been away for this long. God has remained faithful even when I have not been so great. I thank Him for His mercies. Now to today’s post…

Robert Greene warns that ‘You can die from someone else’s misery emotional states are as infectious as disease. You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster. The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you. Associate with the happy and fortunate instead’.

There is a girl whose story I was told a few weeks ago. Her name is Nkolika. Nkolika is a lovely girl and has so much cheer to spread around her. But she is what some would label a ‘disaster-magnet’.

In all three major relationships she has passed through, she has been Miss Holy Spirit –comforter, counselor, guide, help in times of need; she has been Miss Saviour- attempting to save a drunk from his addiction (PS: It never happened); and Miss Jireh- giving money that she herself sometimes had to borrow.

She just has a way of drawing people in need to herself. She always seems on a mission to deliver a lost soul. Three  months ago, Nkolika announced to her friends that  she has met ‘The One’. ‘The one that what?’ people wondered. The one to deliver or the one that you will love and will love you in return without wrecking you or your bank account? Yet again, Nkolika met and has now fallen in love with someone most people would be displeased with- I am told he has neither the drive nor the zeal to work hard and will happily sit at home complaining that there are no jobs in Lagos as he sips on his beer. She loves him and believes it’s not his fault he is jobless and that God will arise and meet the need of employment in his life sooner than later. We all agree with her-it really is not his fault that he has no job but it looks pretty bad when you sit home all day and claim that there is no point distributing your CV either by hand or  through the internet as all the employers in Lagos already have their candidates and are merely fooling everyone with vacancy ads.

What happens when you just seem to be a so called ‘bum magnet’?  

Now, I have met some people with very high standards in their relationships- not just in romantic ones but with friends and even down to the Church they attend. They, like Robert Greene, believe happiness births happiness; money begat money; misery leads to woe.

So what do you guys think? Do you believe in scrutinizing the people you relate with to be sure to sieve out the ‘unhappy and the unlucky’? Are you the type to watch the company you keep not just in terms of avoiding evil company that corrupts good manners but also to avoid unhappy, grumpy, sullen, perpetually sad people that will always dampen your mood? Do you think Nkolika needs help or is just her nature and everyone should let her be? Would Jesus not want us to associate with all especially those who are in distress?

Share your thoughts!