It’s Friday again!!!

To be honest, I’m really not one of those who get particularly excited about Fridays. Truth is, it feels good to have a good lie in on a Saturday but that hardly happens for me so what’s to be so excited about? I will still wake up at 5 am tomorrow. I will still get out of the house at 6 to join the jogging group. I will still study so yeah, thank God it’s Friday but aint nothing special.  Just not to sound too anti-TGIF, I took it upon myself to bring you some interesting TGIFriday photos. Enjoy…

This though, lol

I don’t know if I have mentioned this already but I’ll go ahead and let it out: Wednesdays at TPH are amazing!!! This Wednesday, I really did not feel like going to Church. I just wanted to chill. I wanted to do anything but go to Church. To make Church look even longer, I was going to have to stroll down to the Dome (it’s only about 10 minutes’ walk but still). After much internal debate, I carried my Bible and started my waka to TPH. That, my dear readers, was a decision I really thank God for helping me make. By the way, whenever there’s something good you need to do but you find yourself struggling, like Nike, just do it. It will end up being a very wise decision. This pertains especially to things like giving (to charity, paying your tithes, giving a more generous offering), going to Church, praying before getting up, calling a friend who just pops on your mind etc.

So I went to Church and took a seat and since we had been told that Pastor Rapu would be ministering, I was waiting patiently for one deep, ‘ooh ahh hmm’ inspiring message. But what happened was totally of a different dimension. It was worship all through! I mean worship all through. No, ‘let’s open our Bibles to… as service is about to start’. Worship was service. Service WAS worship. It was amazing!

Another side note: there was something on my mind as worship went on and it threatened to hinder my ability to go into His presence and stay there. I kept looking at my phone waiting for this call and I was sooo distracted. Note of advice: when you are expecting a call or worried about someone or something, if you, like me, don’t have enough strength to cast it aside and focus solely on God, pray to God for grace, excuse yourself, go outside,  make that call, come back in, put that phone on ‘All alerts off’ and FOCUS. No use trying to be strong when you’re not.

What Pastor Rapu spoke on after the service ended is worthy of a separate post and I will do just that soon. Here is a brief introduction however:

Idolatry must be stamped down upon. You cannot serve two masters. Idols are not just the Baals, the Sangos, the Mammons (money). It is way broader that those. Just as the prophets of Baal were disgraced by their god in the book of Kings, so will anything you ‘worship’ except God end up disgracing you. I identified at least three idols I was battling with which God is now helping me deal with. Identify yours today, acknowledge your weakness in addressing them and ask for the grace to overcome them. God help us all. Amen.

On a random note…So my friend and I were doing some domestic financial analysis the other day, here goes…

In Nigeria today, for a young person with a bit of work experience (between 1year-4 years’ experience)

-an okay job is one that you earn N150,000-N200,000

-a good job = N250,000-N400,000

-a great job = N500,000-N750,000

-a marvelous and amazing, worthy of testimony on a thanksgiving Sunday job = N800,000-N1.5M

-an ‘it’s a lie, it’s not possible, I don’t believe until I see the pay slip’ job= N2M and above.

Now, let’s imagine a scenario whereby you have a great job and you earn 500k per month. You are also married and you have 2 kids. Let’s do a quick but rough estimation of expenses incurred annually/monthly leading a relatively middle class lifestyle (the middle class is blurred in Naij to be honest).

Quick Info

Dictionary definition of Middle class: a class of people intermediate between the classes of higher and lower social rank or standing; the social, economic, cultural class, having approximately average status, income, education, tastes, and the like. 2. the class traditionally intermediate between the aristocratic class and the labouring class).

(I came up with most of these figures but they are as close to reality as you can get)

-your kids (Aramide and Ese as you are Delta and you marry Yoruba, hehehe) are 4 and 2 and are going to Corona VI (N800,000)

-you live in a 3 bedroom flat in 1004 (N3M)

-you have a car, your spouse has one too (N4M-unless you take loans in which case your situation is even worse)

-you intend to go on annual vacations with the entire family (not Jand, I mean real vacations-2M)

-you hire domestic staff, driver-N30k p/month, house help-N10k, cook- N30k)

-you feed (can’t come up with an estimate, hmm let’s say N150k)

These are just a few of the expenses.  Some might be unnecessary e.g. house helps and cook if you are a super woman.

How on earth are you supposed to do all this on just your own incomes as a couple? Point is: you need to have at least 2 streams of income. Ideally you should aim at MULTIPLE streams. Dependence on a job is not the way forward. It is not going to give you the life you desire. We need to start thinking up ways to sustain ourselves beyond the monthly bank alert from your work place. I get so inspired by young people who have identified this truth and are running with the vision of self employment or at least ‘something by the side’. Identify your area of gifting, hone it and let it begin to speak for you. After all Mark Zuckerberg has one head.

Have a great weekend!