I LOL at myself as I write this post. It’s going to be a really quick and unedited one. Here goes…

I am seriously considering a destination wedding, maybe I’ll be getting married in The Bahamas. This is my proposed list of attendees:

  1. Myself
  2. My fiancé
  3. My dad
  4. My mom
  5. First brother
  6. Second Brother
  7. Third Brother
  8. Fourth Brother
  9. Fiancé’s  six or max 8 guests consisting of IMMEDIATE family members
  10. One Chief bridesmaid and one Best man (no entourage)
  11. The officiating Pastor

We will now come back and have an intimate reception with just 50 REAL friends and family at a lovely venue in Lagos. If you are a family member or friend and you have to remind me that I was this short when we last saw, you are NOT invited. It is a wedding not a reunion!

No husband YET o but when I looked at a wedding planner’s excel spreadsheet and all, I lolled! Hahaha. Even if I had so much money, I would just jejely use it to buy a house/put money down on mortgage, invest in property, set up a fund for my kids’ education at Cambridge and Harvard or do something else. 3 million for a cake?!!!! Cake that is not even nice , lol (I hate fruit cakes) It’s all just funny to me.

I guess when I get to that bridge, I shall cross it.

For now, all I do is LOL!!!

Lord help us all.