Hi people, How is it going? How have you guys been? I want to use this opportunity to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to all of you. I appreciate your views and comments. They are all truly inspiring and I learn from them each day.

Regarding my last post on the use of human hair, I have decided that I shall soak my purchases in the Blood of Jesus. A friend of mine BB-ed me after reading the post and said ‘Temi, I was going sow some packs of 12 inch Brazilian hair into your life but after reading your post, I don’t think you’ll want them’. My people, I protested! Lol. Stop am, I said. Anyways, like Abiola summed up, it is a conviction based thing. I pray over it, I fix it. No demon can dwell in me or on me. I am covered in Jesus’ blood. Please, if you are having guilty pangs upon leaving the salon after fixing your hair, please remove it o-may be you are being convicted otherwise. Remember, do not silence the Spirit speaking to you by looking at someone else’s story or lifestyle. I do not always condone relativity-but in gray/grey areas like these, I think ‘to each his own is my motto’. The same goes for things like wearing trousers as a woman etc. Do you and I do me but Modesty is always the way forward, I strongly believe.


This past week was quite trying for me on different levels. Challenges arose in my dealings with people that threatened to shake me. I looked unto God for assistance and He is coming through for me-I say ‘coming through’ as it is a process. It is very important to learn people relations. The interesting thing is this: you never graduate from this particular course. You undergo different modules but the course is a lifelong one. Sometimes you get the test and then you learn the lesson after other times, if you are lucky, you learn and then you get tested on what you have been taught. Last week, the former was my story.

I was faced with the issues and I just had to deal with them the best ways I knew how and now God is teaching me how I could have been better. I run a non-anonymous blog and this limits how open I can be on personal matters which involve other people but I shall try to share the lessons without the details of the experience as much as possible.

Lessons Learned

-In life, people will offend you and you will also offend people.

Whichever side of the divide you fall, patience, calmness and tact can NEVER fail you. Even when you know without any figment of doubt that you are in the right, keep calm and hear the other party out.

When I say hear them out, I do not simply mean just that. I mean listen to them and try to understand where they are coming from. even if you think it’s from the dungeon. Just try and…let’s say ‘empathise’. Try and get them. Why are they thinking like this? Why is this their reality? How could I possibly have helped them formed this reality? Could their understanding of what is be in any form or shape true? How can I help things become better?

This helps build and strengthen relationships. Being defensive breaks relationships and if you are dealing with certain types of people, it could break the relationship irreparably. Try and be the bigger person as much as you can help it.

-Be clear on what you can or cannot do.

Never be ambiguous. But as you do so, do it with wisdom and love and not rashly or brashly. Like it is said, some people will tell you to go to hell in such a sweet way, you will search for the train times there. Even when saying no to people, you don’t have to say it like a Cruella D’evil. Obviously, this lesson is situation/circumstance-dependent. If you are in a relationship and you are saying no to a guy/girl going too far, I don’t think too much sweetness is necessary (I shall expatiate in another post).

-Always have this thought somewhere at the back of your mind: I might be wrong.

Always speak in a manner whereby if you find out that you were wrong all along, you would not look like a fool or a big fool (depending on if you are an OBJ or an IBB).

-Be assertive.

In life, people seek to take advantage of others. Don’t be a victim-not unless this is a conscious art of ‘playing the fool’.

-Learn to say (and mean) ‘I’m sorry’. Conversely, learn to accept others’ apologies to you.

Don’t be the type who people need to go through various stages in order to be truly forgiven by you. Yes, with some people, merely saying I’m sorry would not cut it. Tyou need to grovel and beg for their mercy. you need to explain what it is that you are sorry for, giving good reasons why you are wrong and swearing never to repeat it again. Trust me, with some people, forgiveness needs to be earned. Thank God God is not man sha.

Most importantly, be in constant communication with the Holy Spirit.

Never act or speak on impulse. Think. Consult with the Holy Spirit on your choice of words. When sending a message as a response (avoid this as much as possibly), read it over and over AND over and imagine you are sending to a large audience. I pray God will continually give us guidance in this world.

I came across this song and video and I think it is really beautiful and encouraging especially the video. 

No matter what you are going through, love and appreciate the life God has given you. Don’t take your life. Don’t think of taking your life. Whilst some have it better than you, loads more have it worse. I’m not trying to console you but be thankful for and appreciate what you have as you prayerfully ask God for better.

Have a lovely week ahead.

That’s all folks (for now)