Hello people,

Thank you for all your responses concerning Molade’s situation. They have all been very enlightening. Today, I have another question to pose but before I do so, I want to give you a quick summary of my weekend.

On Friday, after work, I hung out with a friend and had random convos. On Saturday, my mom and I went to Ogba to look for a tailor as yours truly cannot really boast of having traditional outfits. The ones I have have all been well worn.  We found one tailor there and the dude is charging me 4k for a dress and a blazer. I think that’s pretty cheap. It’s way better than the 8-10k Island tailors charge so as long as dude delivers, he is going to be my new tailor. This is very similar to the style I picked. It is 60s inspired but the skirt of mine is fuller so they’ll be putting that net thingy inside. Forgive my lack of familiarity with all the fashion lingo.

I also bumped into a dear friend. She was an e-friend until Saturday. She is one of my blog readers with whom I exchange emails and she recognized me in the market! It was absolutely amazing seeing her. From relating with her over the months, I have learned a lot and I am so glad to have finally put a face to the name.

There was a Fundraiser held for Kechi Okwuchi on Saturday. Although I was unable to attend, I learned that it was successful and at least half of the required amount has been raised already. This is really great news. I trust God will perfect His healing on her and give the surgeons the wisdom to carry out the procedure. Please visit her website here and help donate whatever you can. Nothing is too small.

On Sunday, I went to church and we were taught from the story of Isaac, Esau and Jacob and about how Esau lost his birthright due to the fact that he placed more value on immediate gratification as opposed to future benefits. I’ll blog about that soon.

Later in the evening, I watched Big Brother Finals at a friend’s and saw Luclay get robbed of his win. I’m sorry but Wendall? I’m still confused.  Just before bed, I was reading my 1 Samuel and then came across something that really had me thinking.

In 1 Samuel, we are introduced to young David who bravely volunteered to fight the giant that had even the trained soldiers frightened. Upon his victory over Goliath,  David was dining with royalty. Saul took him in as a member of the royal household as we are told in 1 Samuel 18:2. The king’s son and heir to the throne, Jonathan, loved him as a brother, 1 Samuel 18:3 and he also became commander-in-chief of  Saul’s armies (1 Samuel 18:5). These were enough to make him get carried away and begin to misbehave but the bible repeated it 3 times that David behaved himself wisely.

And David went out whithersoever Saul sent him, and behaved himself wisely: and Saul set him over the men of war, and he was accepted in the sight of all the people, and also in the sight of Saul’s servants. 1 Samuel 18:5 (KJV)

And David behaved himself wisely in all his ways; and the LORD was with him. 1 Samuel 18:14 (KJV)

Wherefore when Saul saw that he behaved himself very wisely, he was afraid of him. 1 Samuel 18:15 (KJV)

When we assume a small position of leadership or authority, how do we behave ourselves? Do we get so consumed with our new found fame and glory, forgetting our humble beginnings? It is important that no matter how elevated we are, we stay grounded. This is the only way we can maintain the position bestowed on us and even climb higher. Never let it get to your head. It can fly away as quickly as it came so stay grateful and humble.

Just thought to share.

Have a fab month!