There is a time in everyone’s life when you realize that you literally are on your own. As much as mom and dad love you to little tiny bits, there is an extent to what they can do for you. I have realized this for a long while now but the reality of it all dawns on me more now than ever before.

God has shown Himself strong and mighty in EVERY TINY DETAIL of my life. My testimonies are endless and my gratitude is without measure. I have learned the art of trusting in God implicitly regarding every area of my life. I’m still learning actually!

My career is one area I’m dumping right on His lap. I need direction. I need strength. I need grace. My friends and I have really been really looking unto God in terms of our career paths and which roads to take. It is always good to think of the big picture before making any career move. It is not about the RIGHT NOW and how much they pay. It is about if it fits into your general career overview.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my work experience during NYSC. It is not without its challenges but my goal and desire is to keep getting better and better and more thorough at what I do. I only started in April so it is still early days for me. Career is a really big deal and it is important to let God direct one’s path so as not to take the wrong step simply because it feels right and the pay is good. This is a really short post but I just thought to share.

On a different note, the work café guys seem to be anti-fitness. They only bring extremely fattening foods over for breakfast. I ended up having a breadless sandwich. Yes, breadless. Just an omelette and loads of lettuce. I was so motivated by my friend’s (Wunmi O.) weight loss progress. I saw her DP on BB and I almost fainted. I mean from a size 16 in March to a 10 in June is absolutely amazing!!! But like she explained yesterday, it surely did not come easy. Babe does not eat carbs AT ALL. I have started jogging for 20 minutes every evening, combined with my reduced portions and change of diet, I pray I reach my goal soon. Amen.

Have a lovely day guys!