Thank you all for all your comments and views on the last post. The views were overwhelming and the comments… Thanks guys. Whilst I love my own company and I love to muse and all, it feels good knowing someone is musing along with me.

Before I go into the random truths, I’d like to say something about the good-bad/poverty-riches post.

There is more to Christianity than reading your Bible every Sunday, speaking in tongues and still not acting the Word. We need to develop ourselves to a point where we know WHY we do the things we do. We should NEVER get caught up in the motions and simply obeying the Pastor/Priest/parents. We should always make a conscious effort to gain understanding of the situations around us and our responses to them.

Why do I say all these? Well, I’m a firm believer that walk with God is like a buffet. As is the case in any good buffet, there is the rich stuff and there is the plain stuff, there are sumptious meals and tasteless foods. That’s the whole idea: PICK AS YOU LIKE! Some Christians have made a vow of poverty whilst someothers pray and fast for days to attain wealth. There are certain basic principles to follow in order to access God’s promises on abundance:

-giving to God (church)

-giving to parents

-giving to the poor

-giving to our leaders

-giving to people (friends, colleagues)

-evangelism (seek ye first the kingdom…)

-paying tithes

(amongst others)

One theme runs through: tight fistedness and poverty are best friends. As Tayo mentioned, ‘Human beings, saved or unsaved represent God according to Matt 25: 45. And He cares about everyone, sinners or not since He even listens to the prayer of a sinner (for conversion). So some principles are universal, and have been from when the earth was created.’

Abiye also noted that ‘to live a life in line with God’s word and two, to follow biblical principles of work and faith. The bible has given us several insights on how to work and how to invest wisely. Those principles are independent of whether one is a christian or not.’

According to MsLuffa, we ought not to base the standard’s of wealth in God’s kingdom on the world’s kingdom. As true as that is, being able to provide for your wants and needs is part of the kingdom package and I really do not think we should shy away from discussing these things. I like her words here: ‘Show me a giver and i’ll show you someone who never lacks what they need. Show me a tight fisted person and i’ll show you someone who is enslaved by money. Simples.’

RemiRoy  summarised it all: I believe as long as we do what we should do, diligent with our business and lives, we should just trust that God is faithful. I pray that God will give us the knowledge to know these principles and the wisdom to apply them. AMEN.

Now to my Friday rant, lol…

-I have seen every movie showing in the cinema (Lekki) excluding Rango and HOB as I don’t do cartoons or British movies

-I am currently on a diet I call ‘All’s Good’. On this programme, I am allowed two days of freedom. I try to choose Saturdays and Sundays but this week, my selected days are Thursday and Friday. Days of freedom means I can have the normal 1800 calories. For those who are not into calorie counting, it simply means I am allowed a cup of coffee with sugar and whole milk, two slices of bread and one egg for breakfast. Lunch consists of my normal kind of lunch: rice, plantain, chicken, veg and a bottle of Coke (I never do diet). Dinner is usually light though.

On other days however, I take green tea only. If I’m getting desperate for a hot drink, I take hot water with a spoon of honey (did I hear a yuck?). Lunch is what I used to eat before divided by 2. I snack on nuts and dinner is extremely light too. Let’s hope all this self-deprivation pays off and I lose all the weight I have gained since getting to Naij.

-I enjoy what I do at work though it is very different from the Law I studied. You could link it to International Relations in which I have a Masters sha.

-I attract the randomest of people. Randomest I say! Typical wooers range from the guy at the Ikoyi Passport Office to the RedCab man who drove me about Ikoyi on an official assignment. I’m really praying to God about this.

-I hate okadas, danfos and people who absolutely refuse to stay in their own lanes and make me look like a suegbe or bad driver for maintaining mine. Well, since I don’t drive that often, it is not such a big deal but there is nothing as annoying as seeing an okada speed past you from nowhere and worst still, brushing your side mirror on his way.

-I hate reading newspapers. I’d rather read the news online that way I can sift through what I’m interested in quite easily. However, when it come to reading books, journal articles, essays, I’d rather read it in hard copy. Weird aren’t I?`

-I still haven’t found a Church. I go to TPH however, I’m not 100% certain that’s my church. Praise and worship was amazing on Sunday by the way.

-I hate the words ‘hubby’ and ‘wifey’.

-The first time I heard ‘swallow’ in reference to solids, I was confused. It just sounds wrong.

-Sometimes I don’t pick up calls just to be the one to call back. That way, I’m more ‘prepared’.

-I appreciate art.

-I don’t really use make up and the little I use would have disappeared by 12 noon.

-I respect hierarchies. The person ahead of you has worked hard to be where they are. Pray hard, work hard and you will get there too.

-I believe that all good things come to those who wait…on God’s promises.

I'm random like that

Have a lovely weekend people!