Ok so yesterday was my CD day and I have been selected to contribute to the Beautification of Lagos State.

I was of the opinion that we could decide which CD group to join but on getting to the LG, I realized that was not to be. These groups were practically forced on us. My friends and I were hoping to get Mondays or Fridays. They did. I didn’t. Boohoo.

Anyways, I sucked it up remembering I have sworn to serve Nigeria with all my strength. Going to the LG every Wednesday is not exactly the worst fate that can befall one. My friend, Rita and Damola (who got Mondays and Fridays respectively) encouraged me to see the bright side of Wednesday CDs, reminding me that I pretty much get a break from work every other day.

So yesterday, I dutiful went to the LG at 8.00am. I signed my name on the register and had my CD card submitted. That was just the beginning. We were delayed out there till 1:30pm!!! I was livid! Absolutely irritated.

I love working. I don’t consider myself a lazy person but the idea of sitting in the sun for so long doing absolutely NADA got me thinking… What exactly is the point of going there every week? How exactly am I developing the community by so doing? Can someone please explain to me the idea behind Community Development and how our sitting out in the LG relates to it? Can we not just go there once a month to plan our project for the year. Do we really need 52 meetings?

I culled this from AllAfrica.com but frankly, I’m yet to see it happening. Sadly, the report of Batches B and C corpers leaves me nothing much to look forward to.

NYSC Community Development Service is a well organized body with its goals on economic and social activities. Besides, one of the scheme’s objectives is to serve the Nigerian public as part of the effort and contribution to the development of our country. The Community Development CD programme which is usually embarked upon by Corps members is a project sponsored by corps members to develop either the community or locality in which they serve during the one year mandatory service.

After complaining to myself, I asked myself this question:

Temi, would you honestly prefer going on the streets of Lagos for the whole day planting flowers to jejeli sitting down on the pavement in the LG?

I’m guessing you know my answer…

Have a lovely day people!