This is NYSC Day 10.

I miss blogging. I miss you guys so much. Naija is fine. I’m enjoying it and I thank God for the experience.

If Abuja was dramatic, then Ipaja is in a league of its own. Trust me. This place is like a mini jungle!!! The great side to the story is that you meet loads and loads of amazing people, you network and you all have a moan together about the living condition ie, being thirty in a room, the horrible bathroom and the fact that most of us did not do ‘the deed’ for over 6 days!!! Yes o! You best believe that.

I have noticed a bit of foreign trained versus Nigeria-trained corps members’ ‘beef’  going on. There is a bit of discrimination because they believe foreign trained graduates are fake, thick and generally, suegbes/otondos. On the very first day, there was a foreign/naija fight. Naija won sha because foreign packed her things and left the camp the next day.

The male camp soldiers are amazing. The women… I reserve my comments. If you like, wee on your body, by 4:30 am you are up and out on the parade ground! Those women are merciless. I developed rashes so I left for home for 3 days but now I’m back on the camp. When you leave camp, you appreciate everything much more so being in camp has its good sides. You are more grateful for every little benefit.

NOTE: Everyone wants to toast you on camp. So please be careful when you do your NYSC. Don’t agree to any camp relationship as most of them are at best, bored and want to while away time and at worst, users looking for a fling. If he really cares, he’ll still care after camp.

A number of people have been wondering what you pack to camp…Well here is my list:

White shorts and shirts
No mufti
Handkerchief/hand towel (trust me, you shall drip sweat)
Sneakers (white from, Primark)
Waist pouch (I got from my girl, Dami)
Dettol (which poured away on the first day)
Sleep clothes
Toilet paper
Bucket and small bowl

As for the admin bit:

3 Photocopies of Statement of Result and certificates

2 copies of International Passport data page

8 copies of passport photo

A Pen
Stapler with your own pins (if you forget this, it is 10 naira per pin)

Be very prayerful on camp and soak all your property in the Blood of Jesus. Don’t charge your phone in your friend’s room. Just pay 50 naira and charge in Mammy market. There are thieves EVERYWHERE!!!

Here are some pictures:

in My full regalia (I so much needed that red bull)

Martial Arts baby!!!


my white sneakers

my jungle boots

That’s all people (for now)