Thursday the 3rd of March

Hmm, I know I have been a quiet little birdy all this while but it was because something was brewing…something huge!!! Wait for it… I returned to Nigeria after almost 5 years today!!! Yes, I did it…

'Im coming home'

When the thought of going back started playing around my head, I got a lot of weird looks from people and even a few actual queries like, ‘Temi, do you know what you are doing?’ Have you prayed? Are you sure it is God and not just you being homesick? Why not pray harder, apply for jobs harder?’ But I knew without an iota of doubt that it was time to return home. It was not about being homesick or because job opportunities were not forthcoming, no. There was something bigger, deeper, more profound. There was this heavy sense of ‘The time is now’. No more ‘the time is nigh’.

This feeling was so deeply rooted in me that no amount of drama I have experienced in the past day have managed to shake my sureness. The drama started from Heathrow o. I looked like a refugee with all my stuff and I paid dearly for it. Thank God for the help He raised in carrying my luggage. I probably would have missed my flight if not because of the help I received. I was so stressed. The flight itself was okay. Nothing to report aside of the usual rowdy people who wanted to run out whilst the plane was still taxiing.

We got to the airport and the heat that welcome me does not have part 2. I almost went dizzy. One of my boxes was the very last to arrive so you can imagine the wait. The porters charged me 45o naira for both trolley and their service (they later asked for ‘appreciation money’ which I declined with a sweet smile. Why do I have to pay you for doing a job I have paid you for???’). A good Indian-Samiritan paid for it for me (thanks love).

After all the drama of searching through my luggage at customs, I was finally re-united with my mom and brother who were waiting for me. It was off to the local airport and straight to Abuja (I slept like a baby through that flight). If I thought Las Gidi heat was crazy, the one in Abuja is pure insanity. Now, I understand the logic behind the stench in public places. Side Note: Always have your Sure in your handbag so as not to contribute to the situation.

The drama in Abuja deserves a post all by itself, I tell you. I am just rushing to use the internet at my uncle’s office in Maitama.PS:  I still have not seen my dad in almost 5 years despite being back. I am off to hustle at the NYSC office in Maitama just opposite where I am now. It is quite a lovely building. The one I’m in now is the NUC building,  ‘AJA NWACHUKWU HOUSE’ whilst the NYSC one is called, ‘YAKUBU GOWON HOUSE’. Abuja is a really pretty city. People say it is the closest to Jand you get in Naij. I think it is more like Yankee with the houses and wide roads.

NUC Building

Let me rush off to see Hajia in the NYSC office. I hope this all gets sorted today.

To be continued…