I love you, that’s what you say
Your eyes just sweep me away
And your hands are beautiful and strong
I just want to keep holding you on and on 

Your legs are long and graceful
That you are mine i will forever be grateful

Your smile is like a beautiful sunset
It sure can light up the deepest of darkness

Your figure can be compared to no other
God spent extra time on you, that’s a fact no one can counter

One touch and I feel like I can fly
Just like a rocket shooting straight across the sky

Your lips are soft, sweet and tender
And every time I kiss you (sigh), my all I want to surrender

Your voice is like music to my soul.
Each time I hear it, I feel completely whole

My love, you’re God’s gift to me
And on my honour I will love you till eternity

My heart will beat for you even in death
You’re my love, my life; I say this with no regret


Those words are sweet to hear
Yes my heart beats but still i must use my head

So these questions I must ask
Coz I must be sure that you are wearing no mask

Wilt thou love me when my eyes grow dim,
When I cannot see and you have to read for me?

Wilt thou love me when my hands are weak
And it’s hard for me to pick up a stick?

Wilt thou love me when my legs look less graceful,
Will I be yours, will you still forever be grateful?

Wilt thou love me when you don’t see that smile that resembles the sunset,
But in its stead a frown that seems to deepen the darkness?

Wilt thou love me when my figure no longer looks like a models’
When stretch marks and wrinkles take over and i look a little bloated?

Wilt thou love me when my touch does not shoot you across the sky
But rather, it feels as coarse as sand?

Wilt thou love me when my lips a million times you’ve kissed
And kiss me still even when my breath stinks?

Wilt thou love me when my voice does not soothe your soul,
In times when you are feeling far from whole?

For you say i am God’s gift to you, but you must know that sometimes i will hurt like a deep wound

Your heart will beat for me in death, you say
Those words are deep my dear,
It means you could give your life away…

Though love is about the laughs and smiles,
Understand however that in between lie the frowns

The good and great times will definitely arise
However not without some very dark nights

You see, words are easy to spew forth
You must think twice for you alone will bear the brunt

Those are my words, clear and strong
Coz I don’t want you to get it all wrong

So now that you have thought of it twice
Are you willing to pay the price?