Wowzers, 31st of January is here already!!! Unbelievable! The speed of time is really almost mind-numbing. I hope we’ve all had at least a relatively fulfilling month. I think today will be a good day to reflect on the past four weeks, what we’ve achieved and what we’ve not been able to accomplish yet. I intend to take stock, to think of all the things I planned to have sorted out by now and assess my success. To be honest, this is how this entire year will fly past. We need to be wise and redeem the time, making sure that nothing catches us unawares.

I learned the importance of setting goals, strict yet reasonable goals. Not the types that we will start and give up on half way due to the extremity of it. We need to be very reasonable, doing things bit by bit. I have started setting daily goals for myself instead of sticking to monthly ones only. The daily ones help me know how close I am to the monthly ones.

This month has been a month of growth for me. I have learned a lot about life in these few weeks. I graduated this month. I completed a type of training course as well which has exposed me to the SAP world (which I once was totally oblivious to). I also stood in front of the God’s people to speak on His word during Bible Study. By the way, can I add that I was promptly tempted on the very same message I spoke on almost immediately? The devil, my friends, aint playing. He doesn’t chill and wait for you to gain strength. He attacks randomly and without any form of warning. I also was able to overcome by the grace of God, so for that I’m also thankful.

20 February

February is a very very special month for me on so many levels but most of all, because it is my birth month. I was born on the 20th of February so yes, if you don’t wish me happy birthday, I shall hound you! I have forewarned you oh!!! hehehe.

This year, February also represents a month of decision for me. I’m going to have to take some important steps which I’m totally depending on God for wisdom on how to go about them. I know He will always come through for me, ALWAYS. And remember, don’t take any step nor make any move without first consulting the Holy Spirit. It does help avert unnecessary stress and delay.

So guys, get thinking. How has your January gone? What have you achieved? Celebrate them by thanking God and giving yourself a pat on the back. You have done well! What opportunities have you missed out on? Why? How can you ensure you do not repeat the same mistakes in February? Don’t take anything for granted. Every moment matters…a lot.

Have a lovely Monday,

Here is another one of my grad pictures. I had to crop off my friend because I didn’t ask for permission to put his picture up (don’t wanna get sued, lol)