Hi guys! Thanks for all your congratulatory messages on my graduation. I shall be putting up pictures soon (when I get them). Thanks again. @ Shanday, lol at your comment on the 8 random things post, “I find wearing sunglasses at night so raze lolz. It is only acceptable if you have conjuctivitis or you are a comedian. Lolz” I actually laughed out loud! Thanks people.

This week, I want to focus on something that has been cropping up around me recently… Patience.

Patience is a beautiful attribute. I think it is from God. There are two sides to patience in my view.

1. Being kind and gentle with people.

2. Never being too much in a hurry to get things done.

I consider myself to be a very patient person (more in the ‘1’ sense though because when I want something done badly, I get it done fast). Well, some people are probably tearing their hairs out now screaming, ‘Temi you are not patient!’. But I honestly believe I am. I don’t spark for people ever. I do get angry (which human being doesn’t?). But this happens ever so rarely. Why? Is it because I have learned that sparking is for the weak? Is it because I am so holy? No! It’s because I try to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. Harsh words hurt me so I wouldn’t dish out hurtful words to people.

Anyways, I came across someone who I believe is worse than I am in the patience department. Yes, worse. He is extremely shy and quiet. People have a tendency to walk all over him and I can see it. I tend to feel like Voltron with myself sometimes and defend defenseless friends but because he’s a guy, I’m a bit wary of doing so. I don’t want to emasculate him. You know how guys can get with their pride and all what not.

I probably will be one of those girls people would hate if they started dating such a guy because all such walking over will stop with immediate effect. As in, I would not scream or fight or defend him in public but I will prayerfully put an end to it. It is good to be nice. I think it’s an admirable quality. You should always try to help those in need. Never turn a blind eye to people. But there is a marked difference between being nice and humble and being a push over.

I once had that in me.  I could take all manners of nonsense from people. I was sweet smiley Temi who could never vex for people. A number of people treated that with appreciation and respect but a lot more took it for granted. So I decided to go to God in prayers and the changes that took place after were mind blowing. I became confident, bold yet still shy. I could address a crowd without feeling like the ground should open. I could tell you straight up when I felt offended in a calm yet firm manner.

That greatly helped my spiritual life too as I no longer harboured sadness or latent anger. I was a free birdy. Always smiling still but this time the smile came from a place of peace and confidence not out of a keen need to be accepted.


So if you are like my friend who gets every Tom, Dick and Harriet walking all over him, you’d do well to pray it out of you. I am not certain anyone would be genuinely happy with being taken for granted simply because you are known never to say ‘no’. God wants us to be bold yet loving and kind. It is all about living a balanced life. Patience is a virtue but when taken for granted, I’m thinking it can easily transform itself into a vice.

That’s all people (for now)