The leaves rustle silently in the trees

The blue bird chirps loudly and then flies away

The red Jaguar speeds past

The young student cycles away


It is a cold October morning

I never planned to meet you but I did

I never planned to speak but I did

We became close


How it happened, I can’t explain

But it did

You were my best friend

I told you all


I spared nothing

I gave you a lot

But I spared something

The days went by


I was happy

But I lacked joy

I laughed

But there was no peace within


I did not care

I just wanted to capture the moment

I wanted to bask in the ambience of ‘now’

Tomorrow could wait


December came

And with it great shame

For it was made known

You were never my own


The lies

The deception

The betrayal

The wickedness


How could you?

How could you look into the browns and lie

But deep in my heart I knew

The true fool was I


I dared fate

And it laughed me to scorn

But I was not prepared to let go

So I held on… and on


May was slow

The news came as a blow

I tried to prepare myself

For I knew it was to come


I see the stares

I notice the glances

Some mocking, others pitying

All painful


I see you looking happy but life goes on

The pain now, I can bear

The thread of sanity that I hold on to

Is the gift I never I never with you shared


The blue bird has gone quiet

The leaves are rustling loudly now

The Jaguar is now parked

The young student now runs to his class

Yesterday does seem so faraway

***An Ode To the Past***

That’s all folks (for now)