Hi people. I’ve been relatively quiet for a bit now and trust me, the thing that would stop my daily blogging must be a very strong thing. I have been so inundated with work, you cannot even begin to imagine.

There’s so much to report on, so so much. Loads have happened in the last two weeks. I have grown, learned stuff and I am so eager to share them with you.

Thank you for all your comments on all the posts and most recently on the Molara story. You would never know how many lives you’ve touched by actually sharing your personal stories. It makes people know they are not alone. Keep telling the stories and let people keep being encouraged. Thanks for that. I’m sure Oma has been greatly encouraged by all your words and if you have not dropped a line on the ‘What is wrong with me?!’ post, please do so.

@Oma: Thank you for sharing your story. I don’t wish abuse on the worst of my enemies and I won’t pretend to know what you are going through but all I can say is this, ‘There is a God who loves you dearly and wishes you nothing but the very best in life’. He is not happy that you are going through this and I just want you to run to Him. He will help you. Speak to someone you can trust. It does help a whole lot. I will also be praying along with you. Loads of love.xxx

We got some really interesting comments on the Molara story some of which I will highlight here. Please do take time to read the all the comments on the actual post. They are all very insightful and interesting.

Gbemisoke feels ‘that Lara does need divine intervention. Perhaps what she needs even more are some more hot slaps to shock her brain awake like a defibrillator would shock a heart that has stopped beating :-P

Lara doesn’t need a long sermon at all, she already knows she is going down the wrong path. Our lives are shaped by our choices and even though God loves us so much, He sent Jesus to Calvary’s cross, He doesn’t hold us back from choosing our own paths. He’ll patiently wait for Lara (and you and I) to come back after we’ve learnt the hard way, but we would have to live with the consequences of our choices.’

Peaches and cocunut said, ‘as someone who condoned abuse for an ‘extended’ period of time, it NEVER gets better…always, always exacerbate! Get a support system that is averse to this kinda thing (even if they are e-buddies or strangers). Better yet, tell your mom! She would pray d devil back to hell!!!’

Oyinkan advised  that ‘as a Christian girl the best advice I can give Lara is to take a needed break from dating to surrender the part of her heart that is relationship-focused to God, cause unfortunately it may feel like she has, but she really hasn’t. I think she should get into His Word and in His presence so He can tell her the amazing things He thinks about her, incredible ways He feels about her, the phenomenal words He’s spoken over her life, her future, her destiny, even in the area of relationships.’

The Molara story is a fact-based fiction which means although there is no specific Molara Owolabi who went to Covenant University out there, there are many Molaras who are experiencing this type of problems and are still staying on in an abusive relationship. Most of the time, if we look deep at this type of case, it is fear that holds people from letting go, fear of being alone. They think to themselves, ‘where do I start from?’, ‘what will people say?’

Can I just encourage anyone in these shoes to remember that fear brings nothing good our ways. It actually torments. It holds you back from the great things ahead which God is preparing for you. It is not of God. There is no fear  in love because perfect love casts out fear. Don’t worry yourself about how you will cope. Just know that YOU WILL BE JUST FINE. Don’t hang on to the hope that one day he/she will change. Like I tell my friends, the only thing the wrong person you hang on to will do is to keep you away from the right one.

My prayer for anyone going through a rough relationship that is headed no where is that God will give you the courage to UP and LEAVE! Amen.

PS: Singing loudly: What can I say unto the Lord, all I have to say is THANK YOU LORD!!!I want to thank God for seeing me through my course. I graduated yesterday!!! Yay!!! Thanks guys for all the BB dedications, twitter posts, calls, text messages, gifts, hugs, prayers etc.  A friend I last saw about 9 years ago was there too. I appreciate you all. I’m still waiting on the amazing photographer I had to release the pictures. I’m sure they’ll be great! I took this one with my phone.

For the first time in my life, I stood in front of the church to speak to people (yesterday too). I was more than a bit nervous at some point but I told God to take control and take control, He did. I’ll tell you all about it soon.

God bless you all,