Confused Nkechi

‘Nnamdi has a horrible attitude. He has no regard for people and he is extremely rude. He is also an unrepentant cheat’, Foluke quipped. Nkechi seemed surprised to have gotten such a response to her simple, ‘What do you feel about Nnamdi?’ She knew Nnamdi had a track record of not exactly being a personable person but she never expected Foluke, who was usually diplomatic to be so blunt. That had been the reason she had approached Foluke in the first place. She wanted someone to tell her what she wanted to hear which is that Nnamdi was not so bad.

She met Nnamdi at work during the interview stage. He had totally ignored every other girl and focussed on her throughout. That had made her so happy, she had felt like a queen because every other girl must have been busy wondering what they lacked that she had which made Nnamdi totally place all his attention on her. She was intrigued by him.

Nnamdi was an average looking person and he was light skinned which usually translated into a no no for her. But not this time. There was something about him that held her spellbound. He was so confident sometimes even cocky but she did not mind. He was about 5′ 10″ and had a lean physique. He was a good dresser, sometimes bordering on Ibo-tic with his over pointed shoes and tight fitting pants but most times, he got it right, in fact, very right. He spoke impeccable English. Most of her family friends and other Ibo guys she knew had that thick Eastern accent filtering through. No matter how much they tried to disguise it, their pronunciation of certain words such as ‘maintain’, ‘security’, ‘turkey’ gave them away. But not Nnamdi. He spoke so well.

Since they both got employed, he had been asking her out relentlessly and so she decided to do a bit of investigation on him and had asked Foluke, her church member and friend who had attended the same University with Nnamdi and had also served with him. The report she got was less than appealing. It confirmed all her fears. But she was not willing to give up on him.

‘Everyone deserves a chance’, she muttered to herself as she drove home. ‘You should not judge people based on others’ reports of them. Only by relating with them can you truly know them’, she continued as pulled into her driveway…




What do you guys think? Would you advise Nkechi to give Nnamdi a chance and at least get to know him first instead of relying of other people’s account of who he is? It must be borne in mind that we girls are usually soft hearted. You might relate with a person you know you are already liking hoping to get to know him better and see if he is worth it. Unfortunately, by the time you have your answer, you might have fallen too deep to retrace your steps. That is when you begin to justify bad behaviour, calling black ‘darkish grey’.

Would you run away and heed your friends’ and family’s warning about a girl/guy you are liking but who has shown you no bad signs personally or would you go out and investigate yourself bearing in mind the risk of falling in too deep?


Let’s muse people!