• Please what happened to all my Naija movies on YouTube? I was with a friend last week and I had gone on and on about one of my favourite Nigerian flicks, “Alice My First Lady” urging him to watch it only to discover that it has been wiped off YouTube. I thought it was just a mistake so I started searching for other movies I had seen on YouTube. They were all gone! That was very annoying.
  • I heard of killings in Jos on Christmas Day and bombings in Abuja on New Year’s Day. From Linda Ikeji’s blog, I found out that at least 11 people were killed in an explosion at a crowded market in Nigeria’s capital Abuja late on Friday, military and medical sources said.

    She lost her husband

    The blast occurred at Mammy market, within the grounds of the Sani Abacha barracks, a busy area where people congregate to socialise. Wait a minute, is not the same Mammy market the corpers hang out?  What exactly is going on? Please God, save my country.

  • Why would someone ask you out, you say ‘no’ and they automatically conclude that you are proud and that you are looking down on them? Is it not possible that she just does not like you?
  • Why should/why can’t girls wear boots in Naij? I used to be in the camp of those who laughed when they saw girls in boots in hot, sunny Nigeria. That was until I took the time to think about it. Here in Jand and even in Yankee, people wear boots (leather, Uggs, etc) in summer. So why can’t the poor girls wear what they please? Abeg let’s free them *although, I shall still giggle if it looks wrong*
  • Why has Jennifer Hudson lost so much weight in like a year when I have not managed to lose even quarter of a kilo. *Jealous rant*

Jennifer then

I cannot deny that she looks amazing!

Jennifer now

  • Why would you decide to kidnap a girl who calls you ‘uncle’ simply because her father refused to give you money?

Sharon Omolayo and her kidnapper

  • I have no words for this picture…

But why?

Why would I write this type of post on a happy Bank Holiday Monday, lol?

Anyways, it is good to release some energy once in a while…


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