A few days ago, I was going to town from where I stay in the outskirts of the city. I was feeling a tad weak but had managed to leave mine, get on the bus and even branch at a shop. But as some point, I just could not carry on. I was so tired and out of breath running errands for my folks so I decided against walking the remaining short distance to my eventual destination and instead, to take a cab.

I walked to the taxi rank and went to the first cabbie on the queue. I tapped on his door. This man blatantly ignored me. So I opened the door and told him my destination. My ears could not believe what words were sent to them from the cab driver. He said, ‘where you are going is just across the bridge’. ‘Im aware’, I responded.  Next thing, taxi driver snaps at me rudely saying, ‘it is stupid of you to take a cab’. I was livid probably because I was feeling ill and so tired and weak or probably because that was just a plainly rude and offensive attitude which exhibited his outright lack of customer service skills.

I responded, ‘what do you mean that it is stupid. What if I can’t walk?’. He then shrugged and kept reading his newspaper. My friend then asked him, ‘please would you take her?’ In my mind, I think, ‘please keh? When it is not charity serivice’.

He then says, ‘oh its my job, I’ll take her’ as though he just remembered. My friend now urged me, ‘Temi, oya enter’ and I said to him ‘LaiLai, for what?’ So that he will throw me out on the way? I would never patronise such a rude service provider.

I ended up walking the 10 minutes to my destination because no other cabbie on the queue would take you if you refused to enter the one ahead of them. I had learned that simple rule a while ago so I didn’t even bother trying. Some people just know how to rub you off the wrong way.


This episode is common in life and it comes in various guises. Some might not be the type you can get away from like I did. It could be a horrible in law or an overbearing colleague at work. It could be any situation. But I’ve learned that it is never worth getting and staying angry at anyone no matter the temptation. Just let them go. Bitterness leads to a barrier between you and God so much that He cannot even listen to your requests. Trust me, no one and nothing is worth hindering you from the presence of God.

I was tempted to have a proper go at that man. I restrained myself but not before I called him a rude cow under my breath though, lol. I took the whole issue to God because it bothered me. I’m not a fan of altercations. Although he was out of order, I’m happy I didn’t lash out. I have learned that anger/violence/malice/bitterness are never the ways forward. Let go!

I just thought to share my experience with you all and ask you if you have ever faced a situation where you just wanted to spark for someone so badly but used all your willpower to restrain yourself or not, lol?

That’s all folks (for now)