I’ve not blogged in a while and I have thoroughly missed it and you guys too! So, I’m going to have a general rant before I go to my main point. A lot has been happening with me-some extremely good, some very interesting. My life is like a movie at the moment mehn-we’ve got some suspense, drama, action, comedy, romance (coughs). Ok, so can’t a girl speak with some faith?! No romance yet but who knows? Hehehe. I’m right now having the best of times knowing God more. It is indeed an interesting journey.

I have been so busy at church with choir and the Drama Team.  We’ve had 3 major events in Church in two weeks! We had Glory conference, Bob Fitts was around. Here is a picture of me with the singer.

Bob Fitts and I

Here is one of his most popular songs.


We also had a dinner in church welcoming new students. Everything went absolutely well and I thank God for that.

This morning at about 3:30 am, I decided upon a friend’s suggestion, to begin a systematic reading studying of 5 chapters of the Bible everyday. Not just the usual speed reading in order to fulfil all righteousness but a proper in-depth study of the Word. I have done 4 today and I’m proud of myself. 1 more to go before midnight. That, I can manage.

My main point today is…well, truth be told, I don’t really have much of a point. I just found something out today whilst studying Matthew and thought to share.  I always thought Jesus was from the line of David. You know, the whole Lion of the tribe of Judah, coming through Ruth then Rahab the prostitute etc. Well, He is not biologically linked to them! All those links were to David the carpenter and therefore they share no link to Him.

So all my Bible genius friends could you please shed light on why it is said that Jesus is from the Root of Jesse and that He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah?

On my usual random note, I’m so sad that John Adeleye was voted off yesterday night from X factor! I’d be the first to admit that he never had much of a magnetic personality but I honestly cannot begin to understand why Wagner is still there and John and TreyC were both in bottom 2!

That’s all folks (for now)