Ok, so I’m no amazonian girl as I’m only 5′ 9.5″. But all through my life, I’ve always been the tallest girl, if not person, everywhere I’ve been: primary school, secondary school (both of them), A Level College (both of them), university (both of them), choir (both of them)! Complete strangers used to stop me suggesting a career plan for me ‘Oh, you should model or play basketball’. People also usually felt the need to ask ‘how tall are you?’ and when I tell them, there’s this look of disappointment as though they expected me to be much taller (why don’t they just accept that they are short!?)

As a young girl, my mom and my aunt used to gosh over me, ‘oh Temi, look at your long legs and your beautiful height’, ‘you are so regal’, ‘you have such great carriage’ blah blah blah…I hated it! I saw it as a burden, a hindrance to having  ‘normal life’. I hated hanging out with short people because such an association would pronounce and accentuate my height. I absolutely loved hanging out with fellow tallies. They were ‘safe’ to be around because, at least then, I would not stand out.  I had also mastered the art of slouching with style when taking pictures with shorter friends so I would not look ‘strangely tall’.


lol! ok, it's not this pronounced


When I was about 12, I remember going out with my mom and her friends would gasp when I told them my age saying they could have sworn that I was at least 16! I used to smile cutely all the while hating them internally. They thought it was a gift. I was sure it was a curse-a punishment for some sin I must have committed whilst in the womb. Maybe I kicked my mom too much (just a thought). Although, I don’t have most of these feelings anymore and I am extremely grateful to God for all my 34 inches of  legs, I still have some battles I face  as a taller-than-most-girls girl.

As any tall girl would know, the Number 1 painful thing about being so vertically endowed is that you see all those lovely shoes in the shops but unfortunately, unless you wanna look like a strange being from another planet, you dare not step foot in them or even pick them up to admire them before the customer beside you gives you ugly stares for even thinking you could wear such! I have a few (very few) tall friends who really couldn’t be bothered. They rock their heels away!

I love high heels. As in so much. But unfortunately, unless I want to stand out in the choir for all the wrong reasons, I have to stick to my reasonable heels. There was even a guy in my former choir who hated me standing by him when in heels because I became his height! Lol, bless him. In addition to all these, I have the issue of never finding the right L34 pair of jeans/pants that will not turn into ‘Michael Jackson’ trousers. The ones I find end up being so unflattering and ill-fitting.

Well now to the koko aka crux of the matter: I would hate to date a short man! *bows head in shame for not being spiritual enough* I feel so bad about this confession because its like I should just be praying and accept whatever God deems fit. But as we tallies would know, short men seem to have no such inhibitions! They boldly approach you and you think to yourself …’Why oh Why? But meeeeeehhhn! As in NAH MATE! Ees ok. Cheers. It’s not happening! How else can I express how much I’m not gonna have a shorter husband in Jesus’ name?!

I love Creflo Dollar’s teaching on the issue. He thinks whilst it is important to be spiritual, you have to ask God for what you want… Watch his sermon here. He’s so real…




Here is a picture of Oluchi and Luca Luca, her husband. She definitely does not see height as anything but a number!

I have been taught not to be giving God rules and regulations of marriage partner but God did say ‘Ask and you shall receive’ (Matthew 7:7) so dear Daddy in Heaven, pretty please can he be at least 6 3′? Ok, let me not be too demanding-anything over 6 would do.

Loads of love,

Your daughter, T. x

PS: I think this height difference would be pushing it a tad. 😀




In other news, I’m presently watching Episode 6 of ANTM’s Cycle 15. Loving it so far!

That’s all folks (for now)