I am tayard!

Don’t dismiss my rant and become nonchalANT.

I understand I’m usually happy on this blog but I really want to moan this morning! Well, afternoon. God has been good too me, in fact, soooo good! He has been faithful, even in my unfaithfulness. So wassup with me?

Well, I have been away from home for 4 years and I really, really am extremely homesick. I see my mom every year but I have not seen my dad in 4 years. I was a teenager when last he saw me. Now, I am a grown lady! This feelings of homesickness have become more frequent these last few days. In short, they are now rampANT.

Sometimes, I just want to cry so I listen to this song to induce the tears and I feel much better afterwards:

It gets worse whenever I am speaking with my mom or brother or dad and I hear people laughing, conversing in the background. I just want to go home! For some reasons, I have been advised to chill but I really just want to go even for 3 days!!! As I am obedient and not recalcitrANT, I’ll stay at least till December and then go home for Christmas.

For now, I am an ant, living in another man’s land so I am an immigrANT (a very legal one though before they pull a Gamu on me!). Whilst I am here, I am eagerly waiting for great things this November (I’ll tell you about it soon), so I am expectANT…

I’m off to choir practice now, that should cheer me up (after my dose of frothy caramel latte)

That’s all folks (for now)


***Excuse the rANT…my twitter buddies will understand though…lol.  I am at least 3 days behind! Better late than never hehehe…