GAMU WAS SPEECHLESS. So were 3 million people!

Ok, so I love Gamu. I am not ashamed to say it one bit. I like Cher too but I honestly think Gamu deserved it more than she does. For one, being able to pull it together and DELIVER is a test in itself. A test which Cher and Katie failed at miserably. Yet, CHERyl Cole decided  these two were to be preferred over Gamu. I spent the night fuming. I was MAD at Cheryl. Apparently, I am not alone.


Different people have come up with different reasons why Mrs Cole made such a silly, unwise and in fact barking mad decision. What on earth was she thinking?!!! A few think the malaria prescription might have adversely affected her. Others believe that since Ashley decided to cheat on her, she now hates black people. Whilst these are tempting to believe, I’m afraid they are not plausible reasons. I am seriously hoping that it is just a bad joke and by next week, the judges will scream  ‘HAHA’, laughing at us for ever believing for one nano second that the amazing girl from Scotland would not go through!

I read something today which gave me a thread of hope to hang on to. Apparently, there are like hundreds of facebook groups decrying Cheryl’s crazy decision to put Katie and Gamu (I am a member of one of them by the way hehehe).

I used to like her. Now I feel there's a bit of favouritism going on!

Ok, so there is supposedly a twist, a wild card of some sorts which means each judge will put one extra person through to the live finals. Next week’s show is expected to reveal that X Factor head honcho Simon Cowell will allow each judge a FOURTH choice to go through to the live finals. So let’s pray Cheryl made the right decision this time.

That’s all folks (for now).